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A few months back, the twelfth major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., i.e. iOS 12 has been revealed, which have become a big hit because of the wonderful features it offers. Now, it is finally official for download to the iPhone users.

With its launch, the users, as well as iOS app developers, have been very curious about the functionality it offers. The prime reason is that everybody wants to be featured in the App Store. A mark on Apple’s feature page is a prevailing way to boost traffic, increase visibility and drive downloads.

What’s New in iOS 12?

With over 2 million apps available in the App Store today, the competition for being noticed by editors is aggressive. Therefore, Top 10 Mobile App development companies around the globe are in the race to be the best either it’s for Android or iOS. One of the best ways to make your app attractive is to add some extra-ordinary features. You will go through with so many articles and blog about new features and aspects, which you need to be considered while developing a mobile app. Here, my main motive is to offer you details that how to keep your app up-to-date with the latest updates and features announced by iPhone maker Apple.

The new mobile operating system, which was released last week, has created a lot of buzz among mobile app developers. From app updates and new Memoji to ARKit 2.0, these are some of the amazing features iOS 12 has to offer. Here, in today’s blog, I have listed some noteworthy features in iOS 12 that will affect mobile app development and help iOS app developers in the year 2018

iconSiri Shortcuts

Every iPhone users are well aware of Siri voice assistants. In iOS 12, Siri becomes more optimistic with the addition of Shortcuts. The primary purpose of Siri Shortcuts is to make the voice assistant more useful for the users and minimize the number of steps users take to accomplish everyday tasks. In fact, with iOS 12, Siri can also adapt to your behavioral patterns using artificial intelligence. Siri learns and predict shortcuts for your app itself. Through this, app developers’ and users can donate shortcuts to add an extra element of personalization to the device.

Nowadays, in-app actions are highly popular and appreciated by users; therefore app developers can gain several benefits by updating this type of feature in their app and improve app’s user retention strategy.

iconRedefined Notifications

Now, iOS 12 gives users a considerable amount of control over what push notifications they receive and how they receive them. Apple has enhanced downtime settings, which will enable users to ignore push notifications totally.

As an app developer, if you want to improve the app usability then redefining notification settings is necessary. Grouped notifications are one of the latest features that iOS 12 beta version has introduced with this major release. Besides, there is another notification setting known as Instant Turning, which will allow the user to view and manage the notifications from a single setting.

If you think, what does this mean for the developers? The clear answer is-

iconWhen setting the notifications, you can ensure a better and more personalized group of alerts.

iconReplace fonts or substitute styling for interface essentials.

iconInclude custom imaging or branding materials.

iconMore Password Features

With iOS 12, there are varieties of new password features introduces. For the iOS app development, the new OS will be able to show passwords from third-party password manager apps in the QuickType suggestions on your device by using a new Password Manager API. This new and convenient feature is something developers should consider working into their existing apps or including in their new products.

With only a few taps, users can create and save new passwords and log in to existing accounts. Users will also be able to easily share passwords between their iOS and Mac devices if they are nearby. Sounds interesting? If you also found it something valuable then you should consult with iPhone app development company which can offer exciting features like mentioned here.

iconCore ML 2

If you always keep an eye on iOS updates then you must be aware of Core ML. If not, then here is the brief overview- ML stands for machine learning, and Core ML is a toolkit that makes it easy for app developers to integrate machine learning models into their apps.

Now, iOS 12 comes with Core ML 2 that further simplifies machine learning integrations. With core ML 2, app developers can integrate models with only a few lines of code. Developers can make vision machine learning frameworks directly into the mobile apps. The framework now supports improved face tracking, face, landmark, text, barcode and objects detection, as well as, enhanced image registration for Augmented Reality apps.

iconImproving Photo Albums

In the Photo app, iOS 12 brings Search Suggestions, which highlights your photos based on key events or categories such as swimming and gymming. You will also be able to search for places by business name or a broader category such as a museum. You will also get suggestions on some specific things to search. App developers can add this feature for sure if they are developing a photo-based app.

Also, the new “For You” tab will provide you with featured photos. Whether it is a photo, you took on the same day a few years back or effect suggestions for looping a live photo, this tab provides particular suggestions for different actions you can take with the images in your album.

Final Thoughts

With iOS 12 release, Apple has gone better and more user-centric in terms of the functionality and feature improvements. If we see from an app developer point of view, being featured in the App Store is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness; however, to have a successful app over time, you’ll have to add a lot of value in order to achieve high engagement and retention rates. It is time you download the iOS 12 beta version and start working on stabilizing the existing apps by upgrading them to the latest version. With these updates, every iOS app development company can offer something unique and interesting to their potential users.


Anshul Sharma

Being the Co-Founder of Fluper, one of the Leading App Development Companies, Mr. Anshul Sharma has a wide-ranging experience in Business Growth. He has paved his own path as an extremely intensive product strategist and user experience proficient entrepreneur. His keen interest in the tech updates urges him to write about the latest tech news and make other businesses or enterprises aware of the changing market scenario.

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