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A causal connection with someone has become a trend in dating, which means looking for genuine love has become a challenge. Being in a relationship with someone from South Africa in this age of nonchalance and indifference is rather brave and impressive.

With that, making sure your interracial relationship lasts will be a battle of patience and understanding. If you think a relationship with a South African single is worth the shot, you will need a plethora of knowledge to know them better.

As such, immerse yourself in South Africa’s traditions and check out the nuances in their dating customs that make them unique. Enjoy! 

South African Traditions and Dating Culture

South Africa is a beautiful country with a rich historical past and colorful ethnic roots. It is also prosperous with a majestic topographic landscape and wildlife resources. For this reason, it’s known to be a “Rainbow Nation.” 

Gender Roles

Despite the very modern society we now live in, South Africans still live in a patriarchal society. They still follow the traditional values they were taught as kids. In terms of gender roles, society still expects men to be the protector and providers of the family. They also have the final say in important family matters.

Meanwhile, South African women need to be domesticated—even when they’re still single. They have to act like a proper lady, someone pure and chaste. When they decide to get married, they have to be selfless homemakers. They have to attend for the emotional and physical well-being of the children.

Although many singles today can ask anyone they want on a date, the South African traditionalist dating arena still expects men to make the first move. South African elders and traditionalists also maintain that women should stay on the sidelines in life. They even believe that a meek and silent woman is more attractive than the loud and expressive ones.

You might find all this a massive dilemma if you believe in gender equality. Nonetheless, if you’re a tad traditional, South African singles won’t fail you. Chivalry and graceful deeds are still practiced in the country.

Traits They Generally Share

Regardless of South Africa’s patriarchal society, women are inherently strong-willed and feisty with warm and kind hearts. They also know what they want and fight for it, which could be ironic with the type of society they live in.

If a woman from the country likes you, she’ll be very attentive to you. Even while you two are still dating, they’ll act like a housewife. They might come to your house to cook food or clean your home—reflecting how the elders raised them.

The downside to them being attentive and caring partners is that they may also be submissive partners. They may throw you every life challenge they go through, even the ones they could easily handle. Of course, nothing’s wrong with that, but it can be a pain, especially when you feel stressed in life.

If you’re uncomfortable with having a submissive love and life partner, tell them about it. Make them see your stand, and reassure them that you love them still.

Meanwhile, men in South Africa can be protective. They like to protect their better halves and offer to help them with anything—although the other person doesn’t need their assistance. They want to treat their partners like damsels in distress.

With this, men in the country may be too traditional if you believe in gender equality. Once the relationship matures, express to your South African date how you feel about the matter. No sane man will avoid you for speaking your mind and telling them what you want.

Dating Customs

South Africa’s dating styles are unique, and quite frankly, entertaining. Since people in the country still adhere to customs, it isn’t hard to learn their dating culture.

For the most part, women still expect men to be perfect gentlemen. They want men to be the 21st century Mr. Darcy or Romeo.

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On a date, men should pick up a lady from her house and bring her flowers. While walking to the restaurant or cafe, they must stay on the side of the street to protect the lady. Upon entering the vicinity, they must hold the door for his date, help her take off the coat, and pull the chair for her. At the end of the date, they must foot the bill.

In return, women should be feminine-like, sophisticated, and well-mannered. They should look great on a date night and behave appropriately at all times. The end goal? To impress the guy.

Pre-marital Sex

In Western countries, it’s understood that the end of the date means going to your date’s house and engaging in pre-marital sex. But this isn’t the matter in South Africa.

While some South Africans have slowly progressed and accepted sex as a form of love, many locals still find the latter a serious business. You may meet someone great with whom you deeply connect, but know that they won’t get in bed with you until they’re sure about the relationship.

As such, dating differs between various cities with ethnic groups and varying religious beliefs. Some South African singles accept pre-marital sex, but others resist the temptation until they meet someone they wish to marry. Nevertheless, pre-marital sex isn’t uncommon in South Africa. 

Good luck with your interracial relationship!

Traditional overviews and dating advice can give us an excellent view of a nation’s customs. But, in many ways, it may also give stereotypical accounts about a specific country or culture—in this case, South Africans’

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Remember that everyone is unique, and not all fits in neat little perfect boxes. This article’s purpose is to give you a brief glimpse of South Africa’s norms and culture. With this, if you date someone from South Africa, you must always take them with a pinch of salt. 

While it’s necessary to get an idea of how they are generally, you also need to know your date on a more profound and intimate level. Have fun with your interracial relationship, and good luck!

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