What Initiatives are Taken by Android and iOS to Invade the Gaming App Development


 In order to intact the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Google has recently rolled-down a new Doodle. On this auspicious occasion, Google has themed around the day of love. This addictive as well as interactive game has taken over the US search engine homepage. Similarly the new challenger Pokemon Duel invaded among the most eager recipients by the end of January. This game would be running on both iOS and Android platform. With so much initiative, it would be a game changing decision when it comes to the judicious selection of platform.

If you are perplexed with operating systems to choose, then as a user you may opt to change your smartphone. But as a game app developer this can be a significant decision. Hence you should be aware of the initiatives that are taken by the particular platform to encourage your million dollar idea.

The Devices

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  • Screen size and Resolution

Its important to consider the screen size while interacting with the app. It brings with the number of design implications. Hence, when it comes with the selection of the platform, then screen and resolution should be given a considerable weightage. As far as resolution is concerned, there are few factors to be followed:

  • It is essential that the platform of the game must be released first
  • Graphical fidelity
  • Genre since puzzle-game can easily get away with low resolution whereas it cannot accommodate as far as high-speed competitive FPS is concerned.

Android-Things are quite elaborative as far as screen size and resolution are considered. From top android mobile application development companies to start-ups, they are aware about the software as well as Hardware fragmentation. There has been an exponential increase of the fabricators creating devices with multiple sizes and shapes. This make it quite difficult for the Android app developers to accommodate the gaming app in the multiple sizes.

iOS – Problems related to screen size and resolution is quite negligible with iOS app development. Since Apple introduces a limited range of devices and enables familiarity as far as iOS app development is concerned.

Hence the selection of optimal resolution for a game can reduces headaches drastically.

  • Other Hardware support

Android- Although the developer Option menu is the hidden menu as far as Android is concerned. It can greatly enhance not only the user experience by letting the users use the preferable game controller. With the help of Android framework which provides API in order to detect as well as processing user inputs for all the game controllers.

With these supporting game controllers, it enables the game to work very consistently across the different level of Android API i.e. API level 9 and above. This would enhance the gaming experience as well as simultaneously supporting multiple controllers in the gaming app.

iOS – With the help of touchscreen and integrated sensors which support the game controller, it does not look for the extended controller layout and can take the advantage of the extended control. While going to design a Mac game, there is a support keyboard and mouse, it can take the support of standalone controllers in order to provide the perfect controller.

Graphics & User experience

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  • Graphics

Graphics play a very important role with screen and resolution. There are numerous HD games invading the market, but a good graphics will further intensify the user experience.


Few bloggers have taken initiative to enlist best Graphics HD games that must be accommodated in game-list in 2017:

  • Injustice: Goods Among Us
  • DC: Legends
  • Rival Knights
  • Asphalt Xtreme
  • Half-Life 2

As far as animation is concerned the Android framework is provided with the two framework: view animation and property animation. Although both the method is quite viable but Property animation system is the most preferable one which is quite flexible as well as offers wider features. Android mobile app developer can utilize drawable resources which enhance them to make the gaming experience awesome. This experience is further intensified by the varying graphical tasks which are accomplished with varying technique.


Trivia Crack is the most popular game and has been turned as hyper-addictive that not only challenges the user but also brain of the friends. Graphics APIs like OpenGL and Apple’s own metal have been rated as gold standard. These APIs are enabled to connect mobile device hardware like handling more of the resource-made graphics so as to render to make complex games as well as animations framework.

Difference in Market Place

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Although both the Google Play and App store offer similar products, but it has been observed that there are some variation when considering downloads and revenue earned.


According to 2016, a major online news sites stated that App store has generated more than 68% revenue rather than Google Play Store. Whereas the Google Play store has generated more than 1.5x of downloads than the App store. But even the revenue numbers have changed in favour of Android since there are few changes in the marketing strategy which has increased the number of downloads as well as revenue generation. Similarly when it comes to games, the favour of marketing strategy has extended to make the work of android app developers more fruitful.


Facebook has recently updated its iOS app and launched it amongst the keenly audience i.e. the much awaited Marketplace in order to extend its tentacles to reach its functionality to the Android influenced countries. This step is expected more in favour of iOS app development which will have a trickle-down effect in gaming app development.


With so much criteria it would be rather easier for you to understand the functionality of different platforms. Hence more emphasize should be given to a proper selection of the platform.

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