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GUANGZHOU and BEIJING, China – Tesla face tremendous ascending pressure as regulators and state media criticize this electric carmaker following a claimed customer’s protest at a crucial auto show this week. In China, Tesla could have to go to face its worst public relations crises, market investors notice as complicated for its future development. 

In China Tesla Identified as ‘Arrogant’ as Pressure Ascends

On Monday, a woman comes to media attention who claimed to be the owner of a Tesla car stood above one of the company’s cars with a T-shirt that shows in the Chinese language “break don’t work” at the auto show in Shanghai. She was in a protesting mood about her car’s brake failure situation- a problem that more other Chinese social media users also claiming and many Tesla drivers are also complaining against Tesla in the last few months. A video of such an incident happened went viral on various Chinese social media platforms and it was also picked up by state media. 

In China Tesla Identified as ‘Arrogant’ as Pressure Ascends

Shanghai police then found out that protester girl by her surname Zhang and took her to five days detention sentenced for breaking public rules and orders. On the other hand, tesla claimed that she was associated with a road collision in February due to the ‘speeding violation’ rule. In their two months of continuous negotiations, she will not be permitted to a third-party inspection rather on a car refund. Afterward, the Chinese state media tagged this company’s response as “arrogant” and their regulators are enhancing their company scrutiny.In China Tesla Identified as ‘Arrogant’ as Pressure Ascends



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