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At the stroke of great importance on midnight of 9th November 2016, India lost 86% of its money related base. The print, electronic and web-based social networking has been lauding Prime Minister’s masterstroke by which he has purportedly pulverized the base of defilement in India. In this single move, the Government has endeavored to handle all the three issues influencing the economy i.e. a parallel economy, fake coin available for use and fear financing. There is most likely Prime Minister has hauled out a noteworthy coop and significantly upgraded his notoriety for being a solid pioneer.

Perspectives and Counterviews:

The possibility of demonetization is great yet it must be thought about that a large portion of the black money is kept as land, structures or gold or kept abroad. What is in real money constitutes just 4% of the aggregate sum of black money on which charges are not being paid. Out of this, a great deal of cash is available for use in ordinary exchange like in the event that somebody is building a house; the bill is not paid through banks for sand, blocks and so forth. This money goes into alternate frameworks however it has been drawn from the bank. These things will go under control with this progression.

Little agriculturists, vendors, day by day wage workers and dealers are enduring a direct result of an absence of legitimate arranging, insight, and prescience, for example, recalibration of ATM machines. There was have to heap up enough 100 Rupee notes and other littler group notes in the market before making this stride. It is being said by pundits that this progression was taken just to support the picture of the Prime Minister as he has been not able to convey on GDP development, expansion and bringing the black money from abroad.

Demonetization is a set up practice in financial approach to handling black money. The Prime Minister has clarified why this is a monetary surgical strike. It was intended to be all of a sudden actualized. Before, demonetization has occurred twice yet it comes up short on the grounds that the thought is to handle the black money existing available for use. This is not handled defilement fundamentally or the Government is not saying that 100% debasement will be handled. In the event that declaration and time would have been given, this progression won’t have been effective in controlling black money and fake coin available for use originating from Pakistan, Nepal or different nations.

Individuals are confronting issues in light of the fact that the point of confinement of withdrawal has not been kept at a more elevated amount. On the off chance that this would have been kept at a more elevated amount, there were chances that the reusing of black money may start. The perfect money available for use needs to go to the managing account channels.

It is additionally being said that what is being endeavored is a substitution of the coin and not demonetization itself which was superfluous. This is a horrendous mishap for the universal remaining of the Indian economy. As of now, the economy is battling with the stoppage. There is request drowsiness in the economy prompting to basically no private segment speculation and stagnant modern development. On the off chance that we take a gander at the homestead division, this is the gathering time. Agriculturists for the most part arrangement in real money and India is likewise generally a money economy. The trade exchanges out this economy are much more than the aggregate number of electronic exchanges done every day. In the tribal heartland of the nation, the destitute individuals through agents are getting their coinage traded for Rs.300 or Rs.400 due to the absence of legitimate data which is hitting them.

The load of the black economy constitutes a noteworthy part of the GDP which is critical to the nation. Regardless of the possibility that half of this sum is pulled back, the sort of help that RBI will get on its liabilities and the kind of stores business banks will get  prompt to an ascent in the store and later on there will be the reduction in loan rates in addition to the monetary deficit. The black money available for use resemble as steroid in the economy which keeps the demands going and gives an inclination that everything is functioning admirably. The issue is that investment is not occurring in the economy and the rate of development of capital arrangement is down. The best way to utilize this bold step is to occupy more subsidies into speculations which will happen when the cost of capital descends.


In this way, one might say this is a recorded stride and ought to be upheld by all. One ought to take a gander at the master plan which will bring about the long haul. We can now hope for more refinements to come to alleviate the economy of the nation. This will also contribute to the stability of the nation in the other sectors which have been devoid of strong monetization. This is the thing that the general population has been requesting quite a while which has at last happened.

Vinay Kumar

Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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