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Google experienced a major shift in its Operating System environment owing to the introduction of Android 10. Introduction of Dark Mode and numerous other changes with respect to app development and permission front came along with Android 10. This version bought back the Google’s tradition of naming its OS after a halt.

How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application-cta

Google has elevated its maturity and growth graph with Android 10. Recently, the developer preview released for Android 11 promises a similar yet more advanced aspect as compared to Android 10. The recently released developer preview definitely drops strong hints as to where Google wishes to take the Operating Systems.

Android app developers comprise of various participants such as an enterprise app development company, tablet app development companies, etc. Tablet app development companies and other android app developers are awaiting this version to roll out soon as it will allow them to serve better and advanced products to their clients. It is not only the case with android app development companies as stakeholders and app owners too are awaiting the new version of android to roll out soon.

How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application

Let us dive into the features that were highlighted in the recently released Android 11 developer preview:

icon0Enhanced messaging experience: Users can expect to see improvements in the messaging segment with the roll out of Android 11 version. Below are the upgrades that you can surely expect in your messaging experience:

Android 11 will come up with chat bubbles option that will enable you in hiding your ongoing text conversations as bubbles on the side of your device screen.

Android 11 will have a dedicated section for initiating a conversation in the notification shade. This will enable you to receive messages in real-time.

You can send images easily while replying to a chat from your notifications.

icon0Revoked permission: Unlike Android 10, Android 11 will allow you to use features that are intricate in nature so that you can avail a one-time permission. This permission will be revoked as and whenever you shut the application.

icon0In-built Screen Recorder: Android users have been eagerly waiting for Google to roll out an in-built screen recorder. Even though the probability of users requiring a screen recorder on a day to day basis is negligible yet its functionality is quite basic and therefore, it gets annoying for the users to wait for its integration. With the upcoming Android 11 version update, the functionality of in-built screen recorder shall get modified. From the Developer Preview, it is quite clear that the updated screen recorder will be accompanied by advanced UI as well as toggle to enable audio recording and showing the touch feature in the screen recording.

icon0Adaptation on Multiple Screen Types: Foldable devices are a profound example of true advancements in the Android ecosystem. Users can expect a whole new range of additions in the foldable mobile devices that have different screen size and resolution as well.

icon05G Preparations: Android 11 will have a very important function for enabling smooth processing. Dynamic Meterdness API feature will supposedly enhance the overall functionality and usability of smartphone devices. Users can access the best graphics as well as video quality with the introduction of 5G technology.


How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application

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