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How to Scale Up Your Productivity Working on a Mac

During these tough times, working remotely has become necessary to keep both our loved ones safe and us. For you to work from home, you will find that you need a good device, such as the MacBook, to assist you in your day-to-day tasks. You will also need to keep the device working smoothly to avoid any costly hitches. You don’t want your device to start getting slow and lagging as you work. You could even lose critical if your device crashes! In this case, let us look at how you can scale up your productivity while working on a Mac:

How you can scale up your productivity while working on a Mac:

Update your Mac OS

Are you one to snooze notifications about a new software update? If yes, here are a few reasons why updating to a more current OS is essential in keeping your device safe while acing up your productivity. You will notice some big changes as apps might even load faster than before. The battery life will be extended, plus your device will be more secure.

Clean your Mac

Working on your Mac while the disk space is full can cause its performance to slow down considerably. You are also at risk of losing important documents. You can get more space on your Mac by making use of Apple storage management tools, uploading media and documents to your iCloud, compressing very large files and emptying your trash regularly.
You can also clean the Mac to avoid junk buildup on your device. Perhaps you can use a cleaner app to help you manage this for you. It will keep your device running at its prime and keep you productive!

Avoid distractions and stick to the scheduled screen time

Your Mac comes with an app that enables you to manage your screen time to keep you productive. The tool designates breaks where you will have short periods spent off the screen to relax before getting back to work. Staying on schedule will help you avoid distractions slowing you down. You will get more work done on time.

You can also strike a work-life balance. After all, all work and no play isn’t good for your health and well being!

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Use a calendar app

You will find a calendar app on your Mac extremely useful for productivity. It will come in handy when you handle multiple tasks that you are unable to delegate. Perhaps you are scheduled to be in attendance of many meetings within the day or within the week?
The calendar app will ensure that you keep track of all the activities and assignments that are required of you. Don’t be caught off-guard with a reminder of a meeting after it has been concluded!

Final remarks

With these tips and guidelines, we hope you will be able to stay productive on your Mac. Tap into the productivity tools on Mac to keep your schedule moving smoothly. Remember also to stay disciplined as you work from home. It is also smart to keep an eye on the health of your Mac to avoid glitches.

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