Who knows that the app you have dedicated enough to develop could be the next big thing in the App Store with just a series of obstacles to cross. There are over 2 million apps that are accommodating in the App Store, which complies that the livelihood of getting your app discovered is pretty slim. Earlier I have dedicated my efforts to enhance app reviews to increase mobile app downloads, but don’t you feel that it is a preliminary concern about getting your app featured on App store and then improvement over app reviews strikes on the floor.

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I assume that you ended up creating a great iOS app by following the path of Swift but it is just a beginning to the road of success.         

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May be the most intimidating step to get your app approved by Apple with the successful marketing of the work , must reckon with few valuable suggestions given by few of iOS app developers. Recently as per the blog of macworld that has elucidated the story of Francesco Zerbinati, an Italian Indie app developer. He found relatively painless procedure of approval where he stressed an intense hardwork to understand Apple’s rules and regulations. He emphasised this process and is as significant as pulling your sleeves to get into the mobile app development.

Not to overlook that Apple has quite distinct avenues to get the app featured encompassing from promotional banner on the App Store home page to the curated Editor’s choice as well as Design Award lists. At the end of the story what Apple loves to feature more than anything else, then it can be utilisation of the latest technologies into your mobile app.

In case you are looking for some low-hanging fruits that really can be explored by iOS app developers not only to get Apple’s attention but enhance the user experience as well.

Dedicate some efforts to understand how Apple Works

It is although make some sense that you must be aware of how apps get chosen. This is although a myth that it is reckoned by a complicated algorithm, they are actually hand-picked with some obvious algorithms.

Dedicate some efforts to understand how Apple Works

As per the words from Michael Ehrenberg, a former App Store marketing manager shared some of the insights of Mobile Gaming USA conference. One thing which he really emphasized is to serve the different countries in a best possible way. Apple actually possesses 155 app stores where each team has its own local editorial team. On a weekly basis, the local app store editors ascertain the best yet relevant apps in order to strive specific users.

Apple understands that the most featured app that is more likely be chosen by the humans and will appeal to the local users. Hence while outlining the strategy, it is quite essential to understand some tips and tricks that will reign in 2017.

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This is something irrespective how cool your app is, if it doesn’t speak to its local users as per editorial team, then it will not be chosen.  

Make sure Marketing Media Ready

Here the one liner is “Marketing media is tantamount”. As far as marketing media is concerned, then it includes promo art, screenshots, videos, description as well as Meta data which are included apart from the features. Get ready if Apple is really going to feature the app in the app store, it will give the heads up before it really pulled up the triggers. Hence if your media material is not ready, then Apple won’t waste a single moment before getting on someone else.

Make sure Marketing Media Ready

It is not sufficient to create a great app but the key to stand out of the crowd by presenting the marketing media components as one cohesive unit.

Not only the app description must be compelling, analogously art must be top notch which comes as a result with so much impulsive competition, great marketing media is quite necessary to get your app featured.

Make your app Universal

It is although quite essential to show ways that you are dedicated enough with Apple. This can be only possible by working on all iOS products i.e. iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch where universal apps are more closely to be aligned with Apple’s business model which is although supportive enough to establish good relationship.

Don’t compromise with designing app

This have been a trend to choose household brand name in order to get noticed into the app Store but seriously, it is not sufficient. Various startups in Silicon Valley are dedicating their resources to find ways with the ultimate motive to expand their business within the established ones. Here customer expectations is really at peak in 2017 with user experience that is although emphasized more. Most of the technologies are working hard to remove the friction as far as user flow is concerned. Hence the main essence of the story is iOS app users need to strive the real world by incorporating needs with visual and interactive designs. And in case if it fails, it will fail to connect with the meaningful audience.

Don’t compromise with designing app

Incorporate some crazy features to make it distinct

There are few technologies that can be incorporated to give a long lasting result while getting your app;

  • Designing of Universal app on iPhone and iPad– Be a smart iOS app developer to find some ways apart from sharing universal code base for app logic and communication with an API. You can employ Auto Layout and size classes to order to make the screen larger in iPhones as well as iPad.
  • Try to incorporate 3D touch which was although introduced by Apple with the new pressure-sensitive technology with the ultimate motive for previewing in-app content or getting the instant access from the home screen icon.
  • Develop a version for tvOS as well as Apple TV.
  • Make sure the app is built on native code.
  • Utilisation of HealthKit in order to share the data between apps.

Update frequently

As per Business Insider which has found the fact that in 2013-14, app that had a minimum 9 updates managed to earn above-average rating.

There are few reasons which really support the app getting featured with frequent updates, these are:

  • It enhances user rating which is quite a significant feature for Apple since it considers user ratings while choosing features.
  • Even the update is capable to earn the feature.

Wrapping Up

These strategies are sufficient to make you understanding that getting your app developed is just the initial stage followed by the aforesaid steps in order to strive with the meaningful audience.

In case you are looking for few more strategies to get your app featured in the App Store, then feel free to Contact Fluper. A top notch mobile app development company, crafts the most robust strategy not only to get the app featured in App Store but ensure its long run survival as well.

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