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With the advent of smartphones, having an effective app is one of the vital aspects to sustain in this highly competitive digital world. In the contemporary world, people are spending the utmost time on these apps, in order to explore event happening nearby, gather news, etc. Tapping this opportunity, several mobile app development companies have paved their way in the business world. Also, taxi owners have decided to build their own customized apps for:

  • Better user engagement
  • Stay ahead of their competitors
  • Embrace the latest technologies
  • Serve their clients in the best possible ways, etc.

Let us now quickly discuss some features that are crucial to consider while developing a taxi app.

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Freshly Brewed Features You Must Add on Your Taxi App

If you hire mobile app developers with sufficient skills then they will always try to offer the best. From the backend to the frontend each step is completed with a lot of care. However, these are some key features that you must include to build an impeccable taxi app:

  • Outstation Module

An outstation module allows you to offer your services between two diverse cities. With the help of this feature, users can book a taxi, within a few clicks, from one city to another. This can be done with a flat rate or at a rate, including per kilometre and per minute charges. In short, you can allow the users to discover the far-flung regions of another place or city and travel as per their own convenience and pace. In order to provide a wonderful riding experience to your passengers, you can let them to do the advance booking of taxi for another city, offer them multiple vehicle options and skilled drivers to opt from.


These options allow you to serve the users in a better way and deliver them a high-quality riding experience for their outstation requirements.

  • Day Packages

Another feature that I would like to add is a thorough consideration of Day Packages. By this unique feature, users can rent a car with an individual driver for a specific time period, as well as kilometers. Regardless of the fact, that the passengers hire a car for outstation or not, it will assist them to use a car with a driver as per their ease.

What taxi app developers can do is that they can configure multiple day packages with assigned time period and kilometers in the mobile application and charge accordingly. Additionally, it is significant that you think an easy and flexible method for the configuration of day packages so that the users do not have to face any issue while choosing any day package


The feature can really help your app to stand out from other available car booking mobile apps because it can give your passengers a feel that they are in their own car.  All of them can have a personalized riding experience.

  • Car Pooling

Currently, the carpooling choice has acquired a vast recognition in the market. It allows people to share their rides with other riders so that a huge amount of money can be saved. Adding this feature will allow you to make your taxi app advance and innovative, which help users to pick your app. With the help of this feature, the riders can opt for carpooling where they can share a ride with other riders going to the similar place or destination and divide the cost with them.


If you are a taxi service provider then you can add a new carpooling feature to bring office goers and commuters together. In addition, you can increase the success rate of your app by giving this cool feature to them and allow them to allow them to ride with other riders.

  • Regulate Trip Parameter

Inevitably, Manage Trip Parameter feature plays a crucial role, in order to formulate your taxi apps successfully. By using this feature, all your riders can make a particular request, such as a baby seat for the parents having toddlers with them, wheelchair for a physically handicapped person, and much more. In order to manage these special requests, you can easily configure it from the dispatch solution. It will let the request directly go to only those drivers that have the required service in the car.


If you offer these special services for your riders, then you can deliver a rich riding experience. More and more customer would automatically get attracted to your service all across the world.

  • Include the Prime Membership Option

As per the iOS or Android app developers, another feature you can implement to construct an Uber-like mobile app is a Prime membership for your passengers that even Grab, Uber, etc. are not providing to their riders. Prime Membership for passengers will assist them to pick or buy one membership plan as per their requirements. It allows them to enjoy free rides up to some configured kilometers. It is possible to generate various prime membership strategies for your users.


This feature will allow you to enhance your business by including prime offer functionality. Involving this elite feature can result in a widely popular app as this feature will assist you to draw more users with prime offers.

So, these are few features to build an effective tax mobile application.

How Fluper Can Assist You?

In case, you have a taxi business and wish to become as successful as Uber, etc., then you can get in touch with capable app developers. We, at Fluper, can help you out in every possible manner. However, prior to hiring taxi mobile app developers, you need to clarify a few things, which include:

  • Market demand and Business for the taxi application
  • Execute some research on a number of stakeholders
  • Get an idea of platforms and popular features.


It is recommended not chase features, as well as sophisticated technological solutions. It is not possible to get a perfect app with the help of unskilled and inexperienced app development companies. For taxi owners who actually want to earn some money with the help taxi apps, it is important to perform the market research in an appropriate way. I have discussed some tips on building a successful app that brings more business to your organization. I hope you have liked the blog. Please feel free to mention your comments in the below section.

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Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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