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The entertainment industry is a fast-growing sunrise sector. The rapid advancement in the sector has led to many new changes; caving in the conventional way of standing for hours in the long queues to buy tickets and introducing a splendid idea of online booking tickets.

The online ticketing industry is a sunup sector and will have a wide scope for future expansion and development. It has provided automated ticket solutions for cinemas and multiplexes and is definitely looking for more. Now we are sure you’ve been amazed enough by this technology to be part of this growing sector.

But before you immerse yourself in the transition and have your own online ticketing app, spare a few minutes to go through its functionality, incentives, costs and much of the information listed below –                           


iconCustom Pricing:

There are currently very few competitors in the online ticketing industry which gives you a decent opportunity to make a name for yourself by choosing the price based on the distance.



Digital ticketing app makes workflow easier in terms of having an upgrade alternative for sending and receiving mail, booking, cancelation policy, etc. Providing all of this knowledge to the consumer manually and keeping them up-to-date is a time-and money-consuming operation, but it all works in the easiest and simplest manner with an app.

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Gone are the days where multiple devices are to be used for multiple services. Most of the devices are connected to one another these days. The difficulty of handling different devices at the same time has now shrunk due to advancements in technology. So now handle the Ids, interests, bookings, payments of customers; all with one device.



Boosts up the Promotion

Reminding the consumer of your presence is very necessary for any company to thrive. Apps such as BookMyShow help you reach a large number of viewers at once, without having the cost and time of personally meeting them, leading to increased sales and revenue.



Maintaining the record of reserved, sold and canceled tickets are crucial and all of this can be quickly and efficiently handled by the software that manages and stores all the records, details and numbers in the database safely.

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Benefits of the App:


Tracking and Prioritizing:

One of the major advantages is tracking client ids and working according to their priorities. This helps to create a better relationship with the customers while also providing them with a satisfying experience.


Quick Solutions:

Let’s move towards the positive and get ready for the worst. If any problems arise in conjunction with booking, cancelation or payment, it will be feasible to solve them via an app as all services are interconnected, providing the customers with greater experience and quick solutions.

Benefits for the user



The feedback process is useful to both the creator and the consumers, as it provides room for improvement. User feedback lets owners evolve at a faster pace and make progress everywhere they need it.

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Benefits for the users of the App


Effortless tickets booking for movies, concerts, and events:

Now; no agony of getting up at 9 am to buy the tickets to the show at 12. Only take a few minutes, open the app, look for the time of the show, the venue, and you will all be ready for the movie.


Search optimization for location, city and the event:

The hassle of going to the locations has now been solved to get the ticket. With the aid of the app, you can check by just one click for the nearest place, city, and event you wish to attend.


Range of options, like a single screen to multiplexes:

No need to think about words like “any choices,” “no choice” and “restricted seats.” The only answer you need is to download the app, choose the screens you want to use from single to multiple screens, and it’s nice to go.


Different Features of reaching reviews and trailers:

Doubtful on the film? Unsure about the choice? Any questions on that! Today you can watch the viewers’ reviews and comments for the online ticketing services like BookMyShow, and you can have a great time with your loved ones without getting a second thought.


Various Payments Gateway:

So now removes the annoyance of worrying for the exact amount in hand when stuck in the queue, to prevent the wait. Just download the app, search for the favorite show, book the tickets and pay using the most practicable form from Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, etc.

mobile App Development Agency

USPs of Online Ticketing App:


Accessible to the layman:

Our team of professionals is highly dedicated and experienced app developers who respect the specifications and will provide you with the product that can be easily understood even by a layman, so consumers do not go into the technological techniques. We had it covered.

USPs of Online Ticketing App


Quick and Quirky:

Over time our development team has accomplished efficiency and effectiveness, aiming to deliver the best service in the shortest possible time.


Play your own fashion:

We create custom apps based on your specifications including tailored modules for future progress in all sectors from booking to canceling.


Regular Update:

We believe creativity and progress are the secrets to success and we want to make you a part of this journey. Regular updates will give you a better understanding of the process and how the online ticketing system functions.



Our highly skilled developers have ranged from iOS, Android, and Windows on all platforms. Your code will be available on the Play Store and App Store.

Cost to create an App like BookMyShow?

We’ve already addressed some of the key factors impacting the cost of developing an app like BookMyShow. Nevertheless, the duration of the project i.e. the number of hours spent is also one of the key factors because hiring mobile app developers bills hourly.

You will also have the option to launch an MVP to check how consumers interpret the submission. Nevertheless, if you pick the MVP to create iOS applications, the cost may be slightly higher than Android’s. The explanation of the iPhone’s BookMyShow app will need to undergo rigorous review before it’s available on the Apple store.

On the other hand, if you are looking to book your online movie ticket project in Android, there’s a benefit of lower development costs to meet larger audiences.

For a single platform, the cost of an app like BookMyShow with standard features will be about $10,000 to $30,000. When you intend on both sites, the cost could go up to $45,000.


Technology has pretty much infiltrated every aspect of human life. There were times people would wait for tickets to their favorite movie/activities in long queues. Technology has spared us the hassle with the applications for booking movie tickets.

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