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The Android apps have gained huge recognition in the marketplace and have come a long way ever since their commencement in the marketplace. Due to astonishing advancements in mobile game expansion technologies, the number of Android games is also increasing that encourages developers to build scalable mobile games exponentially. 

How to create a gaming app and cost involved in building it

The number of mobile app downloads, in general, has soared in current years, and according to the latest market Statista, the annual downloads has reached 204 billion by 2019, and the number will boost in some upcoming years. In this article, we are going to discuss the game development stages, the reasons for creating a little exclusive, and the cost of developing a mobile gaming application. The best part is – it isn’t as costly as most of us may believe. Before starting Mobile app development, you need to check all the thin it all in detail, let’s give a short dig out about the cost of app development and its major considerations.

How much does it cost to make an app?

Even, if we ignore all other factors in cost breakdown, the average price to create an app by professional agencies is 20k USD to 40k USD. According to a survey of online app cost calculators, the price of an app is between $200, 00, and $350,000 for an app sufficient number of features. While the usual cost range stated by app development companies is $100,000 – $500,000. But, if you are running a start-up, and want to develop an app with fewer features, then it cost between $10,000 and $50,000. There’s a prospect for all business types.

Usually, the price of making a mobile app ranges enormously: from entirety zero to extremely costly price that could grab the attention of millions. Even though, honestly, there is no simple response to this investigation due to numerous factors at play. Size of the app; develop team, project complexity, and time it takes to build an app impact the overall cost of making a mobile application. The cost to make an app depends on the below-mentioned aspects:

The mobile app cost depends on the following things:

  1. Type of mobile game you want to develop 
  2. Platforms -iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc
  3. Design (basic, individual, custom)
  4. Number of pages
  5. Features & infrastructure

The development of a game is not the task of one person as it is teamwork. Even the development of a small application should be done by a team, not by one person, so it will offer a better user experience. It would be much quicker and much more qualitative in the end, because everybody is busy and accountable for their part of the development. Certainly, complex applications need more individuals to be occupied in the development procedure.

The team you need for Unity game development

  1. UI/UX designer
  2. QA engineer
  3. Project manager
  4. Programmer

Extended development team:

  1. 1 back-end developer
  2. 1-2 UI/UX designers
  3. 1 project manager
  4. 2-4 app developers
  5. 1 QA engineer
  6. 1 system administrator


To conclude, we can say that developing a gaming mobile app is a tough task, and the cost of development varies from one game to another. Several things play a significant part in the mobile game development cost. Before starting or connecting with the company, you need to do a lot of brainstorming analysis. As for the financial system and price, it is hard to ignore the practical viewpoint of the development team, story depth, project size, technical resources, modern trends, and mobile platforms.

Well, all these elements are vital for consideration in general mobile game development costs. Thus, you make your app feature-rich that people love to install, you have to connect with a Best android app Development Company in India to build flourishing mobile games. If you already have a game app development idea, then don’t hesitate to discuss your plan with Fluper professionals.

The team at Fluper knows all the tactics and tools to develop a feature-rich, attractive, amusing mobile game app that will keep the people busy. The article also includes the things you need to keep in mind. You can verify them out to decide which type of game app you want to build up for your start-up.


How to create a gaming app and cost involved in building it

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