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The success of Deliveroo teaches us one thing at least which is, anyone can own a startup. Roofoods Ltd. which was later branded as Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company founded in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. It currently operates in 200 cities in countries like UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands and a lot more.

Deliveroo which is one of our clients has had an amazing story which we will discuss later. But let us have a look at a few statistics about this leading food delivery company which has made the lives of millions of people easier by providing excellent food delivery service from a great number of restaurants.

Statistics about Deliveroo

iconDeliveroo has more than 6 million customers only in the UK.

iconThe company has partnered with more than 15,000 restaurants in the UK

iconThe company was valued at around 3 Billion USD.

icon84% of couriers said they were happy working for Deliveroo

iconIt has more than 35,000 courier deliverers.

Services Offered by Deliveroo

iconFree and Fast delivery

iconDiscounts, rewards or offers

iconGreat list of restaurants

iconBecome a partner and serve to customers

iconVariety of Food items for both Vegans and Non-Vegans

Working Model of Deliveroo

Deliveroo’s working model is a clever mix of restaurants as partners and superb logistics. Just like any other great food delivery application, they have a chain of restaurants which are listed on its platform. The clever thing they did is they have a good number of riders apart from having partnerships with the restaurants which delivery on their own.

Deliveroo takes a share from the restaurants which have their own logistics. Hence they earn through advertisements from restaurants to get listed on their top pages.

Features to have in your application like Deliveroo

We have partnered with many food and restaurant delivery businesses in the past, we think it is the geographical location and resources available which matters the most.

In order to make such an application, you would require developing three panels or applications for your business.

iconFor customers

iconFor Riders

iconFor Restaurant owners

Let us now have a look at all the features which your Mobile App Development Company must include for your dream application business.

iconLogin and Signup

Login and Sign up feature is the first way of interaction of your application with the customer. Make sure you allow the customer to log in through other social media applications like Facebook, Gmail, Google+, the more the better!!

This is often called social media integration. It is a must for the success of your startup.

You can offer your new customers with a reward or promo code for the first few uses.

iconUI of the application

Before you ask your mobile app developer to make an application for you, take multiple samples to get wireframes of the application. It helps a client to see how the app would look like on the screen. Secondly, the User interface must look both attractive and should function smoothly without the delay in processing.

iconSearch with Filters

While adding filters to your mobile application, ask your mobile app developer to add filters so that your customers could search locations of restaurants, cuisines and their prices. You may also add a postal code search for your users.

If you are a startup struggling with clients then I would recommend you to reach out to the restaurant since the number matters in business.

iconPhotos addition and sharing

Nowadays, users want to share everything they do in their lives. The ability to share photos in the app and to social media could serve a great deal provided the UI of the application is fine.

iconReviews and Ratings

Of course, you want your customers to review your application. Once the application receives certain ratings you can look for promotion for the same on the launch platform. You can also tag people, like their comments. Reviews and consequent ratings help a new user find out the best apps among millions of available apps. A good number of reviews ultimately determines which the best mobile app development company is.

iconMaps feature with GPS

Map feature with GPS allows a rider and customer to find out each other’s location.

For a rider, it is important to reach out to the customer by following the shortest and less traffic route. While for the customer it is important to find out the location of rider or driver and his expected time of arrival.

iconReal-Time Tracker

A real-time tracker allows a customer to view the status of his order. Whether the order has been accepted or the rider has taken your delivery. With proper toolkit’s it is easy to augment in your mobile application.

iconPayment Feature

The payment feature is necessary with the ability to allow various mediums to transfer money. Absence of one of the payment mode might cause you to lose your potential customer. You must add payment via Banks, credit cards, debit cards, UPI and international payment availability using PayPal, American Express cards.

Factors Which Determine the Cost of an Application like Deliveroo

deliveroo app development by flupericonFeatures required in the application

The cost of app development depends primarily on the number of features you wish to add in your future business start-up. There are many features which are to be added in a basic app like:

iconLogin and Sign up

iconSocial media integration

iconPayment feature

iconServer usage

iconMarketing support

iconDatabase support

These are just a few factors which determine the costing of a feature which then adds on to determine the final cost of the app.

iconComplexity of the features

Now you want an application which can skyrocket your business. In reality, even having a great application full of features might not do well if there is no proper marketing strategy. Below is an increasing trend for costing of applications. But it can vary depending on the number of sub features as well.

iconSimple Apps with content and backend support

iconApps requiring APIs and Database

iconComplex analytic Apps

iconSocial Networking App

iconPayment Apps

iconOn-demand Apps like Netflix

iconVirtual Reality Apps

iconPlatform for launch (Android or iOS)

Many developers go with Android app Development as it has more user base compared to Apple’s App Store. But considering the revenue generated by both the play stores, Apple has a market share which is double to that of Google play store.

But if you want the application to be launched on both platforms then better consider React or Native platforms which allow you to use the code for one platform and use it for the other. By this way, you can get both Android and iOS applications from your mobile app developer.

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 iconGeographical location of the company

Many people believe this is not a factor worth considering. I personally do believe that your mobile app developer’s location is an extremely important factor in determining the cost. Since the cost of living in all countries is not the same.

Have a look at Country wise Development Cost

India: $12 per hour

New Zealand: $15 per hour

Australia: $18 per hour

USA: $18 per hour

Europe: $18 per hour

iconTime Invested by App Developers

As a general rule, the cost of any business is directly proportional to the time invested by its mobile app developers. This is why, we have below categorised the time taken by developers on an average to build apps of varied types.

Simple Apps: It takes anything around 300 hours

Moderate Apps: It requires 400-600 hours

Multifaceted Apps: It requires somewhere between 60-900 hours

Highly Multifaceted Apps: It requires more than 900 hours in total

iconRatings and Brand Value

Before choosing your partner, you have a look at their previous clients, success rate, prototypes, ratings, brand value, and user engagement. If your client fulfils all these criteria’s then just go ahead with them.

iconSize of the Application

The size of an application for a specific platform decides the cost greatly. Our experience at developing such application reveals that on an average, small sized apps cost anything around $9000 while large sized apps could cost anything around $22,000.

Small sized application: $9,000 per platform

Medium sized Application: $16,000 per platform

Large Sized Application: $22,000 per platform

iconTime Invested by Developers

The time invested by mobile app developers is directly proportional to the cost of any project. This is why we have below categorised the time it takes on an average based on complexity of any app.

Simple Apps: It takes anything around 300 hours

Moderate Apps: It requires 400-600 hours

Multifaceted Apps: It requires somewhere between 60-900 hours

Highly Multifaceted Apps: It requires more than 900 hours in total

About Fluper

Est. in the year 2013, Fluper has been a leading brand in the field of web and Mobile App Development. Our extensive knowledge in this field has helped us develop more than 300 business requirements in the form of applications. We take great pride in being an IBM and NASSCOM certified partner apart from being a Platinum Google App Developer Company.

Fluper offers great benefits

iconWe will provide you “100+10%” Money Back Guarantee in case we fail

icon5 percent penalty pay on delay delivery

iconYou will also get 9 Months of Free App Promotions

iconGet up to 2.5 Years Complete App Support

icon24/7 live support and Testing

If you are looking for a reliable and one of the best mobile app development companies, then why wait? Contact Fluper and get a free quote for your requirement form our sales team.

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