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Logistics is an intense, highly complex, multi-layered industry, with defining components and elements. With time, the industry has not only evolved but also become slightly complicated. The raging inefficiency has led to mismanagement in the supply chain and distribution aspects, due to hindered and obstructed visibility and inability to track or trace the goods in real-time.

A lot of businesses have incorporated mobile apps to help them keep track of the logistics and enhance their business abilities. Transportation, a major part of the logistics industry, is being tracked and envisioned well using the mobile app technology. With current technologies becoming a part of the mobile app solution, the apps are able to boost the visibility and enhance the quality of your business.


Let’s take a look at the transportation industry

United States Business Logistics Costs reached $1.6 trillion in 2018 (8 percent of GDP that year). In 2018, foreign direct investment in the industry totalled $1.5 billion

Among the different transportation systems, freight and trucking industry are garnering maximum visibility and increasing their reach.

Businesses are readily spending a good amount on smart technology to aid transportation and enhance visibility.

According to a report by Mckinsey, the total spend on IoT in 2020 will increase by multi-folds, allowing the network to reach $581Bn.

With the growth in the market share and the increase in reach observed by current technologies, the uber for transportation is not far off the mark. In fact, a few companies have made it possible to fill in most of the gaps that exist in the transportation industry by offering uber-like mobile solutions.

Before we dive into the types of solutions being offered by mobile apps, let’s take a quick look at why mobile apps are important for the transportation industry.

Mobile App Benefits

iconUsing current technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Augmented Reality, mobile app solutions can enhance the user experience in the transportation industry. For instance, using AI, you can rethink the mobile app algorithms to be able to forecast the demand for transportation during a particular period. You will also be able to manage the demand and supply of the fleet and ensure real-time tracking through IoT. This kind of convergence of technologies within the mobile app solution can enhance the tracking function and progressive app abilities

iconThe industry runs on data, which can help in managing key decisions and ensuring you know what new decision you might need to take. For instance. If the truck is running out of fuel, then with the right data, you would be able to optimize the route in a way that the truck can refuel. In case of a longer route, you will know exactly when the truck will need to refuel if you have access to all the data. The mobile app can gain access to past data, as well as present data that will help the business stakeholders take key decisions on-time

iconYou can reduce the business cost by reducing the transportation costs that occur due to the trucking industry. You can incorporate Blockchain technology for better transactions, improved visibility into the fleet movement as well as an increase in cargo security and reduced shipment cost. The idea is to move the blocks ably and in an efficient manner.

iconThe on-demand industry has innovated the transportation industry as well. The Uberization of the transportation industry has led to increased efficiency in the logistics and improved mobility of the goods. The businesses can book the trucks and cargo carriers as well as shipment providers on-the-go according to their convenience. The shipment will be picked up from your place and will be dropped at the destination with reduced costs and better abilities.

iconOptimization of the rides and making them fuel efficient is an advantage you gain with mobile app solutions. You can introduce electric and hybrid or efficient vehicles or optimize the route according to the need of the hour. This will help improve the cost of transportation.

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Must-have Features for Mobile Apps

Here we will talk about the features that you should ideally incorporate in your mobile app.

iconDriver/Vehicle Tracking

The app should be able to provide complete visibility into the movement of both the driver and the vehicle. The admin panel should be able to update the current location of the driver as well as the vehicle so that the end-users can track their cargo or schedule their booking accordingly. In the live tracking of the driver and the vehicle, you should ideally include the live updates and real-time alerts, which will improve the visibility. In case a driver is unavailable, you will know so with the mobile app, thus ensuring the courier is not allotted to the particular driver.

Must-have Features for Mobile Apps


Offline Usage

When the drivers are on-the-go, there are chances that they won’t get the network at all times. There are times when the network strength is zero or absolute minimal. You don’t want the driver to lose out on the map details, the route they should take and other details during this time. That’s precisely why you should allow offline usage of the mobile app. This will allow the drivers to update the details in offline mode and ensure quicker and faster updates for the end-users.

This way the drivers can update the information useful for the app whenever they want, without worrying about whether the Internet is available. As soon as they go online, the app will update the information and make it live.


Logging all the Details

The app should allow the driver to log all the details important to the business. the driver’s daily mileage, deliveries they have completed and other such information related to logistics and transportation. This will help businesses realize the potential of their drivers and will help the drivers keep track of their earnings and work


Route Optimization and Planning

The mobile app solution will be responsible for all the logistics related solutions, from planning the logistics to ensuring complete routing of the trucks and managing the fleet with perfection. The app will cater to the optimization essentials such as changing the route owing to the increase in traffic and other aspects. The logistics and delivery routes, methods and even the fleet catering to this service will be taken care of by the route optimization abilities of the mobile app.

There’s plenty that goes into planning a transportation mobile app that is futuristic. You will need to incorporate these thoughts when guiding your business to build an apt solution.

iconThe Current Technologies

Specific to your business needs and objectives, you will need to incorporate the technologies that will make your mobile app solution smart. For instance, if you want to forecast the demand-supply and manage the fleet better, then you should use AI. If you want to ensure safe and secure transactions without any manipulation, then you should opt for Blockchain technology. The idea is to utilize technologies that will acknowledge your goals.


Define Business Goals

When you aim to develop a business app for the transportation industry, the first thing you ought to define is the business goals. What do you aim to achieve? For instance, if your goal is to enhance productivity or make the management efficient, then your mobile app will be developed accordingly.

Summing Up

Transportation solutions are important if you want to make the logistics industry efficient. Mobility solutions make the whole industry efficient, real-time and effective. You can access the fleet options in real-time, consider availing the solutions and ensure better visibility.

To enhance the transportation solutions, you ought to partner with an able and confident technology partner who can support you and offer you solutions that are directly aligned to your business needs and objectives. 



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