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In this digital era, the hottest trend of technology is augmented reality that is getting popular due to unmatched user experience. These days, all industries are looking forward for advanced ways to connect with audience and AR is proving a game changer for business. There are various ground-breaking technologies through which businesses can easily connect with target audience.
Needless to say, augmented reality is emerged as the most reliable and admiring technology among businesses that improves customer experience as well as boost the level of customer engagement. By the end of 2018, it is expected that the market size of augmented reality can reach to 215 billion US dollars. This statistic is showing the market size of augmented reality in the coming years.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Marketing Campaigns

Augmented reality is considered to be in its infancy and this technology is spreading its gigantic wings in the near future.

Create a Vibrant User Experience

This latest technology has become the hottest trend in advertising as it provides a personalized touch to the content, no matter it is visual or text. All this create long lasting & interactive impression on the audience.

AR Technology Set your Business Apart from Others

If you really want to standout among the crowd then this is the perfect technology that can work best for you. In fact, AR is completely unique through which you can provide audience something unique that your competitors may not even have yet.

AR Technology is Generating more Virality

In present times, there is no doubt in saying that marketing is everything. If your content is rapidly share over the internet then definitely you are fulfilling your purpose in proper way. If you want to create a compelling impression on the people then this is the right technology for you.

Resolving the Language Barrier Issue

This latest invention mainly focuses on visualization to text. The marketing campaign content that is made via augmented reality is easily understood by the Germans as well as French people.

Responsible for Tremendous Content Quality Improvement

This modern invention provides a unique tool through which you can create attractive content that you have not even created in the past.

Improve Customer Conversion Rates  

There is no doubt in saying highly exciting AR content may compel target audience to come back to your site and this automatically results in better conversion rates.
If you need an augmented reality mobile application Development for Android or iOS platform then your app developers must consider these convenient tools –


The major benefit of using this SDK is that it offers various options for visual information such as rendering engine, image-multi detection. Besides this, it also provides useful work with geolocation services.

ARlab SDKs

With the help of ARlab SDKs, developers can add or remove POIs i.e., points of interests without any reference to real time.

Droid AR

Although it is an open-source framework that provides location-based augmented reality to Android operating system’s applications.

Metaio SDK

This SDK has the same range of opportunities just like as ARPA SDKs. But it is not limited to certain features as it also provides additional features i.e., barcode scanning for online and offline visual search.

Vuforia SDK

Vuforia SDK is available for both free and paid licenses for characteristics like as multi-target detection or visual buttons.

Wikitude SDK

Wikitude SDK comes with a commercial license that provides various features just like as above mentioned SDKs.

There are also various industries that are using AR solutions such as real estate, travel, retail etc. Let’s checkout major domains where AR is making the difference between ordinary solutions –

Augmented Reality Mobile Application Uses 


There is no doubt in saying that augmented reality is responsible for making improvements in advertising. Numerous campaigns are available on internet that has created impact on target audience as well as able to change user opinions about advertisements.

Virtual Assembly

In this digital age, there exist various mechanisms that require special skills as well as knowledge.  Augmented reality is the only thing that provides proper answers for manufacturing process such as building robots or automobiles. There are various automobile companies that are using AR to visualize and digitally construct car bodies, engine layouts etc. With the help of mobile apps, people can easily avoid the struggle of understanding hard instruction manuals.

Education and Training

When things are presented in an old-fashioned way then it becomes extremely difficult for the audience to improve their knowledge as well as learn new concepts. But mobile apps have solved this problem as they provide impressive learning opportunities.

Travel and Tourism

When we travel to foreign countries then it becomes extremely difficult to understand other languages but AR apps have solved this problem. In fact, you can take advantage of virtual tours for a better vision before spending money on expensive holidays.


Undoubtedly, games are the core of augmented reality. App store is filled with various types of applications that combine real environments with virtual elements. Pokemon Go is the most powerful AR game that is filled with extraordinary adventures and provides amazing user experience.

Future of Augmented Reality

This innovating technology is potentially representing the next trillion-dollar opportunity for marketers that focus on various things to reach the target audience. Companies and manufacturers are continuously to innovate and expecting various things like device convergence, AI integration, ergonomic advancements to take center stage as the future of AR.


Augmented reality technology is a bit crude but this is proving a game changer for business as it has ability to attract customer’s attention. If you are looking for a mobile app development company that focuses on technologies like AR, VR then hire Fluper where app developers build amazing mobile apps according to your business requirements.


Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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