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Amazon is one of the largest multi-vendor E-commerce platforms that allow third-party sellers to sell their products through this platform at a fixed price. And Amazon takes the responsibility of managing and delivering the orders to the customer on time and takes the payment from them. This total system is consistently and accurately running throughout the world and this business earns huge revenue every year. The mystery of this systematic provision of the Amazon business is hidden in its Inventory management System.

The process of tracking and storing the products of any business to fulfill the customer demands and manage the supply is known as Inventory management. It helps you to maintain regular stock of the products and plan for the demand in future. This inventory management is very important for any business to hit the balance between demand and supply. If you want to know How Amazon Manage their Inventory, you need to follow this article.

How Amazon Manage their Inventory?

How Amazon Manage their Inventory

Amazon has an amazing inventory management system that helps to serve them to deliver the right product to the right customer.

This system works in two ways. One is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), in which Amazon advises the merchant where to deliver the product and then controls distribution across their fulfillment hubs based on sales. The second type of fulfillment is self-fulfillment, in which the merchant maintains their supply chain and fulfillment.

Inventory management with FBA:

Inventory management with FBA

FBA is Amazon’s inventory management system. Many tools on the market let you manage FBA and make things easier. It assists the vendors in maintaining their inventories and shipping items to their destinations. The following steps tell how a vendor can be benefitted from FBA.

1.  Add FBA account:

A vendor must have to create an account on Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central. FBA is only available to individuals who use Amazon Seller Central, while Amazon Vendor Central is only available to established brands. When a vendor establishes a seller central platform with FBA, he can take advantages Amazon’s inventory management software.

2. Creating product listings:

The vendor can list his products individually or in bulk with the Amazon inventory management mobile application.

3. Keep your items ready to ship and deliver:

In addition to manufacturing, a vendor needs to keep his products ready to ship and deliver. The product must arrive to the consumer in perfect condition. Shipment and packaging materials are also available from Amazon’s prep and shipping supplies. It will be delivered to your address, and basic items such as containers and bubble wrap can be ordered as well.

4.  Shipping to Amazon:

The vendor needs to select the appropriate courier and transportation firms to carry the shipment to Amazon’s fulfilment hubs. He can track his goods and ensure that they arrive at the warehouse on schedule by using options in the app.

5.  Shipping to the customer:

Most Amazon orders are free to ship, with the extra benefit of fast and free shipping for Amazon Prime members. When a customer requests a product, it is picked from the warehouse, meticulously packed for delivery, and dispatched to the consumer. The goods are swiftly picked up, sorted, and distributed using Amazon Inventory Management best practices.

6. Back office customer service:

The task is not finished here. Even after the sale has been completed and the funds have been transferred, Amazon attempts to continue contact with the customer.

In addition to delivery, FBA offers back-office customer assistance. These services apply to all Amazon items. The customer service team assists customers with a refund, return, tracking, and other product-related concerns. This service is offered whole year and, as a global franchise, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Amazon warehouse management system:

Amazon warehouse management system

When your concern is How Amazon Manage their Inventory, you need to know its warehouse management system in brief. Amazon revolutionized the supply chain by automating and digitizing traditional warehouse processes to obtain greater agility. In a completely digital warehouse the barcode scanner tracks each inventory and the data of distributing goods to the sites will be sent to the inventory management software, accurately.

If any product is missing, it may be monitored using the prior scanning, and the ground labourers are then asked to retrieve the product as quickly as feasible. As a result, Amazon sellers can be able to provide rapid and timely delivery to the customer.

How much does FBA cost?

Since you’re interested to know How Amazon Manage their Inventory, you must have to know what amount they charge by their FBA facility. FBA services also include inventory storage in Amazon fulfilment centres, customer service, product returns, and order pricing and packaging.

Sellers that choose FBA get automatic access to Amazon’s machine learning-based inventory management system. This system forecasts consumer demand and sets optimal inventory levels based on inputs such as cost of products sold, shipment time, and Amazon data.

Previously, Amazon had a distinct pricing structure for the Christmas season from October to December, but with the new policy, they now have the same fee structure all year.

The fees are computed by dividing the dimensional weight (length x breadth x height in inches) by 339, which equals 166.

Inventory Management App Development:

Amazon’s inventory management tools employ world-class machine learning algorithms to provide tailored restock strategies that take current inventory, low stock, excess stock into account.

The data of Amazon’s inventory management device is stored in AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud. Not only that these popular cloud providers are working on most of the features of Amazon’s Inventory Management App.

This application is so sophisticated that the seller and admin can use it to track the products and their shipments very easily.

Every business should have an Inventory Management App to track the products digitally and manage the balance of demand and supply. Delivering the right product to the right customer at right time is very important for a business. So, select a Mobile App Development Company that has experience in Inventory Management App Development to develop the app for your inventory management.

Bottom Line:

Inventory Management App Development like Amazon gives numerous benefits to business owners. They can save valuable time for managing stocks and the cost of human labour and the possibility of misplacing products with this inventive tracking system. This system makes the business more scalable as it provides real-time information and a user-friendly interface to operate the system from the mobile. If you want to develop an Inventory Management App by following the process of How Amazon Manage their Inventory, you must have to contact a reputed Inventory Management App Development Company. They can guide you and develop your desired app to make your business more profitable by monitoring the inventories like Amazon’s system for the best price.

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