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In the last few decades, information technology has become an inseparable part of the medical sphere. Nowadays, healthcare providers, as well as patients, are more inclined towards healthcare application. In a study done by Reserach2guidance.com, it is predicted that there exist approx 3.4 billion people who have access to mobile health applications and 50% of those people have downloaded at least one medical mobile app.

Medical mobile app development sector is growing at a fast pace as it provides an exceptional amount of potential to both startups as well as entrepreneurs. No one can deny the fact that technology has made an enormous step towards human development. With the help of Smartphone and internet connection, a user definitely can accomplish a lot of work and the same thing applies to healthcare in present times. Here, we have discussed everything related to healthcare app development i.e., its categories, cost and advancements.

Have you ever think about why people are too much interested in medical app development? Well, there exist few things, just have a look –

  1. Help you to create an online exercise program.
  2. It is quite easy to conduct doctor-patient communication.
  3. Help you to make a healthier choice on an everyday basis.
  4. Keep online medical records.
  5. Help to book a doctor appointment online.

According to Statista, it is revealed that the healthcare sector is considered as the top revenue contributor and estimated to reach a figure of $58.8 billion in 2020.

On the other hand, there also exist various applications that are unable to hit the jackpot. Behind this, there may exist various reasons –

Lack of Industry Knowledge

The most basic thing behind a healthcare app success is the expertise that it provides to you. If the doctor’s input is missing from the application then users will definitely avoid such applications.

Fail to meet privacy guidelines

All the medical apps have to follow HIPPA rules and regulations and there exist various software that fail to fulfill these rules. If you want that your application stands out of the crowd then it has to serve a different-to-others purpose.

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Unable to resolve a particular problem

Mostly healthcare apps failed to serve a particular need for users and this is the reason users could not do anything with the product, hence they avoid it.

Categories of Healthcare Apps

Everyday Health apps

There are various apps like Runkeeper, Calory Counter & Sleep through which you can track your everyday activities and also help you to stay in shape. Such apps are capable of measuring metrics and making basic decisions. Besides this, such software encourages users to act formed on the data application receives. If you are also thinking about building such software then with the help of advertisement you can monetize but be careful as this may be responsible for lower user retention.

Hospital & EHR apps

Hospital applications are created in a situation when the clinic needs software for the purpose of branding and monetization. If you are thinking about such app for your hospital then check out these must-have features –

  1. Use trackers for blood pressure, sleep, amounts of liquid consumed.
  2. Use algorithms to parse the collected data
  3. Use push notifications to suggest a doctor according to data received
  4. Include appointment-at-doctor booking feature
  5. Online access to EMR for visiting physician

Let’s come to EMR applications, where there is no reference to the clinic but you have a choice of multiple hospitals. Such apps are more beneficial for you as a system’s client as you are not obligated to refer to a specific thing. With the help of the EHR app, users can get online video/audio consultations with the doctor. EMR applications use user acquisition feature that is an implementation of AI algorithms & basically used for diagnosing diseases.

Specific Medical Software

Specific medical software confronts more complex tasks such as diagnostics & X-Ray to run, algorithms for symptoms detection and diagnosis to be put etc. The making of such applications requires a medical expert, rules and regulations to be compiled and a testing team.

Tips for how to create the software for patients or EMR system

  1. a) If you have decided to build EMR app or any other kind of medical software then you need to make sure that you have legal rights.
  2. b) The most important stage of smart EHR development is instant integration of app with fitness bracelets, trainers, Apple Watch so that users can track down activities more sharply.
  3. c) Ensure about proper monetization model for your product. In various cases, it is seen subscription mode is sufficient but it requires a solid user base.
  4. d) We all better know that Apple strongly supports healthcare initiatives so if you are looking for electronic health record development company then IOS is a smart choice for you.

How much cost is involved?

If you want to develop the application for patients then definitely you have to calculate the funds. If we calculate roughly the cost of everyday healthcare apps then it would take around 1400-2200 hrs. On the other hand, apps for hospital or EMR product can be developed within 2500-3000 hrs. Although different companies have different rates if you are looking for a common denominator, the medical product’s price starts at $40000 but this figure may vary as per your needs.

What’s next in Healthcare Mobile Apps?

There is no doubt in saying that the future of mobile health apps may be the deployment of artificial intelligence and telehealth is expected to be the next sensation. On the other hand, there also exist various challenges in healthcare mobile industry that can be overcome by offering new decision support tools. The growth of telehealth mobile software will help patients to stay connected with healthcare providers as well as support people to experience medical coverage. By checking categories, cost and advancements of healthcare app development, hope you will definitely get a brief overview of this emerging sector.


The medical industry is growing at a fast pace as users are already beginning to appreciate its wide range of prospects. Are you also looking for a venture that delivers you dazzling mobile apps? Get in touch with Fluper that is well-known for building amazing medical apps such as Lybrate, Okadoc, EnhanceFitness, Curofy etc.


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