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There stands no need to tell you what the whole world is going through. Yes, COVD-19 has reached the corners of the world. The deadly coronavirus emerged in December 2019 in China. The origin of the virus was found to be the intake of uncooked bats- that’s what sources said.

An increasing number of deaths all across the globe have startled everyone. Governments of numerous countries have asked the people to stay in quarantine.

As the pandemic has hit the walls of various countries, businesses all over the world are affected to a greater extent. This has caused the economy of the world to shrink and is likely to move forward to the downfall.


What is the present condition of businesses?

Many Startups and organizations especially mobile app development companies and manufacturing industries are seeing an unexpected low-graph outcome.

Almost 87% of the businesses are digitalized and they are trying to cope up with the losses and to stand strong in these desperate times.

What is the present condition of businesses

For a business, its just not about generating sales or revenue. In such peril times, there are a lot of factors that come in the ledger like salaries of employees, rent payments, dues and much more.

Well, businesses are trying to work remotely and many contracts, MOU’s have been paused. Everyone is tensed about their business and are giving knee-jerk responses.

Here for you, we have some of the best tips to grow your business post-pandemic.

The world goes through disasters and pandemics every year, decade or century.

The stats for the century are very shocking. Pandemics are occurring every century in the same 20’s.

Pandemics are occurring every century in the same 20’s.

icon1420- Black death

icon1520- Smallpox outbreak

icon1620- Mayflower disease

icon1720- Plague of Marseille

icon1820- Cholera epidemic

icon1920- Phuenomic plague

icon2020- COVID19

It is high time to not lose spirit and make your business stand strong and protect it from lockdown and other disasters.

Convert Your Offline Business to Online-

Digitalize your business and let Google knows about what kind of service you provide. Going online provides two benefits; first, you will get your setup done at a very affordable and fair price as the digital companies and mobile app development company are granting huge discounts. Secondly, the companies will also get sales as you serve as a prime customer right now.

Convert Your Offline Business to Online

Once you are online, you can easily control most of your business in the present and also in the future.

Different businesses and what they can do?


Real estate:

No one can step out of their houses; neither the brokers nor the users. well, real-estate employees continue their work by opting for software solutions that provide 3D & virtual tours. With the involvement of a 3D tour, they can give the actual look and feel of the property and can actually start the process of their presale.


Banking services:

Though the banks in many nations are open due to the need for cash-in-hand. Banking apps have been in use for years now, but they need to pace up the speed as taking a small step can now reach to great heights. Faster app response and transaction speed are the major enhancements banking financial organizations can look into.

Different businesses and what they can do



With the help of augmented reality for your museums and art galleries can give many people the feeling of visiting your museum. You can get a mobile app done by hiring a mobile app development company in UK for the same- users will appreciate and endure your step and will enjoy using it.


Fitness and gyms:

Make some fitness videos along with the diet charts and post your videos on various social media platforms. This will allow traction and may join users to join your gym, you can give them personal training sessions if they have the right equipment at home.



Video conferencing apps can be great for students as they all have missed a lot of classes. You can also develop your own classroom app to teach students while providing the content for every class and more.

The key point to remember:

For any app that is already surviving in the market, you can lure out people to use your app by implementing methods like:

Offers and discounts:

Evoke your users by giving them non-resisting offers. Order now at the lowest prices and get your products delivered as soon as the quarantine ends.

Free deliveries: Give users a relief by waving off the delivery charges that you used to apply on checkout. This strategy will give your users to perform an impulsive action of adding and buying your products and services.

Faster checkout payments: With the increase in sudden traffic and orders, it can be difficult for payment services to slow down. Be prepared and implement faster checkout payment services.


What are the apps that can perform and generate revenue to the maximum?

iconGaming apps:

Users are sitting idly and playing games all day. So, it’s the best time to give them an app that keeps them occupied.


Photo-gallery apps:

Manage your gallery photos, put them in collages and more. Users are doing anything to pass their quarantine time and at this hour, delivering a photo gallery app will deliver greater results.


E-book apps:

While most of the users just want to pass their time, many want to invest and learn something productive. Delivering e-book apps will keep interested users occupied; make sure to provide the E-books of every genre.

Apps that can perform and generate revenue to the maximum


Video and audio streaming apps:

Audio and video streaming apps can be great as the already existing apps are generating higher revenue. Give it a try but make sure to deliver the best content and quality to users to allure your users now and in the future.


Awareness applications:

Everyone wants to stay updated about the current situation. Deploy apps that can serve the purpose of awareness to the world. The latest updates of the pandemic, world reports, what to do and what not to do- involve all these to make the app usable.


Learning apps:

Apps that can provide the study material for students to learn. Learning apps can be really great right now as students can invest more time in studies and can be more focused.


Vines app:

Making short videos are the favorite sport that we all love to do. Delivering an app that allows users to make vines while implementing some nasty filters will be very fun.

Major techniques to follow and implement for your implement:

iconFull utilization of social media

iconGo for PPC services

iconLook into competitor’s analysis

iconDigital marketing services


Epidemics can occur at any time of the year and may affect your business. It is necessary to be aware and know all the information, tactics to protect your business and grow after the pandemic.



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