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Google PlayStore has finally decided to put ban on all “Sugar dating” apps from the platform with effect from 1st September. The ban was announced along with a complete set of changes that Google published on its support page. The ban on “Sugar Dating” apps is a part of its new restrictions on sexual content. And that’s not all, the Google Play Store is also previewing app set IDs, adding a new Family Policy, and improving on the Enforcement policy that it currently has in place.

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All these new policy changes have been shared via a post on the Google Play Console support page. Apart from mentioning a whole list of policy changes, the post also mentioned ban on apps that deal with “compensated sexual relationships.” Besides sugar dating apps, Google is also going to put ban on sexual content and is updating its Inappropriate Content Policy to renew the ban on sexual content. This ban will crackdown on apps like SDM, Spoil, Sugar Daddy, and Suger Daddy that are still available on the Google Play Store.

The ban on “Sugar Dating” apps is a part of its new restrictions on sexual content.

Some other changes which will come into effect from 1st September include developer preview of app set ID for analytics or fraud prevention. Google is also adding some new restrictions to the Family Policy requirements. This applies to identifiers used in apps that target children on the platform. Google has also mentioned that developers will have to comply with all policy changes by September 1 except for ad ID changes.

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