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With every online service, a bug is occasionally spotted, and the latest one affecting Google Maps results in an unexpected voice playing while navigating using the service.Some Google Maps users were surprised by a strange voice coming from the navigation service. Users have reported that the ‘female’ voice has changed to a male with a ‘slight Indian accent’.

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The issues were first spotted by PiunikaWeb, with some users noticing their Google Maps navigation instructions were being read out in a different accent, without any changes made on their end. According to the report, users have noticed that the voice used for navigation changes intermittently to a different one than the voice they were originally used to navigating with. Some users have reported that the ‘female’ voice has changed to a male with a ‘slight Indian accent’, while some are claiming they heard a voice with a ‘Persian accent’.

Google stated that a fix would be rolled out for the Google Maps bug soon

The report goes on to state that some users are also reporting that they are unable to change the default voice on their devices at all, leaving them helpless. Another user stated that they heard the default voice for most of the trip, while the unexpected voice was heard ‘for one instruction’.

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