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The online file storage offering company Google is again in the talks as the company has finally decided to roll out its new update. According to the latest reports, Google Drive now deletes trashed files and documents after 30 days. The new feature will roll out from October 13th and will automatically delete Drive’s trash files.Hire Mobile App Developers

Earlier, Google Drive would keep files in the trash, and the files remain in the folder indefinitely — unless you manually delete it. In case you are keeping any file that you need later in the trash, then you have to be more serious this time as the items get deleted. The users of Google drive earlier making it less of a “trash” used it to hide files and with the power of G Suite restore items that are deleted from the trash accidentally.

While the automatic deleting the trashing feature might be annoying to some users, but there may be definite benefits, too, as Google counts the space of trashed files and thus makes some free space for its users. To ensure that everyone is aware of this new feature, Mountain View, California, the United States-based Google will also add a standard notification to Google Drive. Through this banner, the company will provide details to its Google docs, and Google Forms app users.

What’s changing in this update?

The deletion of trash files will start from October 13, 2020. With this step, the company is changing the maintenance policies for items in Google Drive. With this fresh rule, any folder that is put into a Google Drive trash folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Earlier, trashed matter would be reserved for an indefinite period until it was manually emptied by the user.

The files you keep in the trash will stay there for 30 days after October 13, 2020. After the 30-days time, you cannot check the files in the trash as they get automatically deleted.

Who’s impacted by this feature?

The end-users of G-drive get impacted by this new feature.

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 Importance of this feature

This transformation matches the rules of other G Suite services, just like Gmail. It will make sure that behavior is constant and conventional for all G Suite product users, and will make sure that items in the trash are not crucial as they will get deleted as expected.

For now, the change will take effect regardless of whether a user acknowledges the banner or not. The extended rollout will start on October 13, 2020. It will be interesting to witness how people react to this new update in their online storage drive.Disclaimer

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