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Climate change has been an ever-increasing issue for the entire world and after years of warning by scientists all across the world, Google has now finally ordered YouTube to demonetize content creators which are against climate change.Hire the best Travel App Development Company in USA

This will directly impact the wallets of umpteen content creators that never emphasized climate change as a major issue and have always underestimated it. YouTube will not only demonetize the content but will also limit the number of tools that content creators use to monetize their content. Any video, image or content will not be promoted by Google and it will strictly scrutinize various platforms that promote such content creators and will ask them to take necessary steps against this.

 Finally, Google took this step after years of warning from scientists

The company said in a statement that it has heard from a growing number of advertisers and publishers expressing their concerns on global climate change and prompt content creators that promote inaccurate claims about it. The company has thoroughly consulted authoritative sources for its new rules concerning climate change and it will apply to Google ads that will serve as a part of YouTube Partner Program.

Various scientists and activists from all across the globe have been urging individuals and corporate giants for concrete actions regarding this serious issue. Tackling climate change as well as misinformation about the issue must be taken into account promptly to avoid disastrous climatic conditions in the coming years.

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