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Apple Inc has always given innovative products to the world. Their latest innovation, Apple Watch, has managed to grab so many eyeballs over it. With the micronization and compact technology incorporated, the Apple watch has shown a similar kind of behavior. It is not just a watch, but it is a compact and sleek technology ruling over the world. It reduced the size of the telephone screen because, with Apple Watch, you can spot notifications, time, health status, heart rate, and so much more. The Apple Watch was first announced in September 2014 by Tim Cook. It radically changed the market of micronized technology, making Apple watch number one in wearable tech.

Wearable computers are exceptional solutions because they don’t require your attention now and then apart from when they perform useful functions. Many industries have embraced and incorporated the solution for growth by leaps and bounds, and the hospitality sector is one of those industries.

Luxury hotels differentiate themselves by the type of services they provide and deal with to reach a certain level of customer satisfaction. It is the right kind of service when it has automation in it, meets the client requirements, and is subtle. Let us take a look at how hotels and hospitality industries are making the most of the Apple watch and reaping maximum benefits.


Navigating to the hotel:

Apple watch comes with integrated Apple maps, which lets you find your exact current location while zooming in on the area, pan and zoom on the area, get location information, and more. The primary benefit of this is, you can look at the map without pulling out your mobile phone if you are lost on an unknown lane.

In a new city, it can be challenging to find a location or a specific street. But if the location to the hotel appears automatically on the Apple watch as the guest arrives at the location, it improves the customer experience. The comfort brings to the customer is inexplicable.


Automatic Hotel Check-In:

Certain hotels allow their customers to use their Apple iPhone to unlock their room doors and check-in without any formalities. The customers are allowed to use their Apple iPhone as their room keys. A customer is not needed to reach the hotel reception or registration desk to check-in. This makes it easier for the customers to straightaway reach their room without having the hassle to talk to the reception desk after a long journey.


Keyless Entry in the room:

With technology developing at a rapid pace, your wearable can become the key to the doors of your hotel room. The watch shows the customer his room number, and he can reach his room, and the door is automatically unlocked as he nears the door. This feature is bound to excite the customer and may even turn him into a loyal customer. Also, this feature may get around through word of mouth. Embracing the Apple watch technology means you turn your customers into your hotel ambassadors.


Food and beverages at your beck and call:

With Apple Watch on your wrist, it is easy to find locations that serve food and beverages. You can also reserve table space in the nearby hotel or restaurant. Customers always welcome this kind of convenience. I mean, who loves looking for food on an unknown street when they are hungry? Apple’s watch increases the hotel’s reach to a lot of customers, thereby generating a lot of profit margin from the sale of food and beverages.


Promotional offers and benefits:

There are so many promotional offers that are available that you can avail using Apple Watch. This brings up the number of return trips and the number of times the customer uses the hotel services. The customer gets upgrades, like getting their breakfast delivered automatically at the doorstep of their room. They can also take up and explore spa services with a significant amount of concession. Hotels can derive a lot of benefits from such facilities.

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The chain of Starwood hotels has developed a customized guest program like this that allows the Apple Watch customers to access all their services. These services can be accessed only through Apple watch, and the services fall under the category of Starwood Preferred Guests. Hence, using an Apple watch comes with a lot of benefits at your fingertips.


From the hotel management’s point, these types of services not only increase convenience for the customers, but it also ensures that customers come back for more. This can lead to a good reputation in the eyes of the customers, not to mention the increased revenue. Moreover, using technology for the customer’s luxury targets the younger generation to explore and use the services. These young customers are bound to become a lifetime customer to such services. With such advancements, more hotels are expected to take up Apple watch and explore new possibilities in the future.


Rusy Shah

Rusy has been an alumnus of MCA and has sound technical background. But she loves English language and loves to learn new vocabulary instead of programming languages. This led her into writing and she has been a content writer for last 6 months. She is a full-time mother and a content writer by profession.

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