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Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, has changed how businesses interact with the world. AI which was just a concept back in the 2000s has been the most searched term since 2017. Businesses are turning to AI to enhance their business operations and look for the ways at how they can introduce AI in other business functions and processes. You can see AI has taken almost every field in the world. For instance, certain websites have employed chatbots which are smaller forms of artificial intelligence. But the breakthrough development has been where machine learning and artificial intelligence were combined. The mobile phones these days are getting smarter with each upgrade. Mobiles have been learning their user’s interaction and adopt a certain kind of behaviour.

AI has offered productivity where humans have failed. These have sped up business functions and processes and take away the extra burden from the entrepreneur’s shoulders. Modern medicine has also taken up AI to assist doctors in certain surgeries for precision. And yet, the AI is still under continuous upgrade and update.

Functions of the AI Model:

AI model is a model that signifies how AI works over time. Initially, AI identifies the source of the data which includes information about the device, device usage and more. Once the data has been acquired, the AI starts to process the data and begins applying AI algorithms. With machine learning system, these AI models deal with problems and solutions. As they have learnt sufficiently, the AI system is deployed at the site of the usage.

Ways how AI can improve enterprise mobility:

Previously, we saw how artificial intelligence has changed how businesses function these days. Let us take a look at how AI can improve enterprise mobility:

Smartphones with AI

These days, to simplify certain business operations and functions, enterprises have begun investing in smartphones with smartness of AI. With the evolution of mobile phones, the handsets have turned smarter with time. The handsets are adaptable to understand the user’s requirements and behaviour to enhance user preferences. With a certain kind of usage, the handset optimizes CPU performance and closes the apps that take up the maximum amount of memory as well as processing space.

Emotion AI

Emotion Artificial Intelligence is equipped with the understanding of the user’s emotions, behaviour or attitude, The AI carries out a detailed analysis of these factors and works accordingly to satisfy its master. This ability can transfer the hard work of understanding the customer’s issues from the entrepreneur’s shoulders. By this adaptability of AI, the businesses rely upon AI to provide their customer with relevant content by analyzing the customer’s emotional behaviour.

Smart reasoning power

AI is known for its power to smartly reason with its user by studying automated reasoning that allows the machines to reason with logic as we humans do. Hence, these systems can be used to handle a certain level of interaction of customers with the business. And because of this power, a lot of responsibility of customer care department is handled by AI and machine learning. Though automated reasoning is considered to be a sub-domain of AI, the branches of it also go through computer science and philosophy. You can let a chatbot interact with a customer for automated queries and frequently asked questions. This can change the future of how businesses can interact with their customers.

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Predictive analysis

AI is known to run data mining which can lead to the systems that analyse a huge chunk of data. Machines can use this data for machine learning and can offer an interesting conclusion and analysis. Data storage, its maintenance and analysis are the functions of data mining. With AI, you can lay hands on the tools and algorithms which help you understand all possible relationships within the data. Data mining has brought about a new chapter called predictive analysis. Predictive analysis is deriving conclusions from the data. It does not only collect or form the chunks of the data. It also analyses them.

Detecting abnormality

A crucial role that AI plays is to provide a defence against a possible or potential threat to the system. AI watches the system with hawk-eyes over all the ongoing processes and raises an alarm as and when it thinks it needs user attention. This kind of behaviour can be used to resolve issues in the enterprise environment up to a certain level.

Many vendors promise of smart features of AI, which can improve the business functions efficiently. But, if a system can function this way along with machine learning, it is bound to positively affect the way a business functions and runs its processes. Hence, AI can change the face of the enterprise in the years to come.Disclaimer

Rusy Shah

Rusy has been an alumnus of MCA and has sound technical background. But she loves English language and loves to learn new vocabulary instead of programming languages. This led her into writing and she has been a content writer for last 6 months. She is a full-time mother and a content writer by profession.

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