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Are you curious to know about Islamic culture? Well, you must be, that’s why you have landed on this page! Today, in this blog, I am to unveil the beauty of Islamic culture, along with the significance of Ramadan. So, grab a cup of coffee and something to munch on and let’s get started without any delay.

Islam is the world’s youngest chief world religion, which focuses on the obedience to Allah, God’s Arabic name, and conventionality to the “five pillars” or regulations that are as essential for salvation. It basically stands for the restoration of truth and novel monotheism, thus supersedes both Judaism and Christianity.

Since its commencement, Islam was an assertively missionary-oriented religion. Only within one decade of its formation, Islam had extended across the most of North Africa, the Middle East, and as far east as India. The true definition of Islam can be easily acquired by the Qur’an is the holy book, that acts as an absolute guide for society and life.

The worldwide culture, as well as tradition, is based on the Sunnah and Quran while the variables generally based on local traditions and customs of a variety of people staying in diverse societies. A few common Islamic customs, etiquettes, and traditions are discussed below.

Exploring the Beauty of Islamic Culture!

  • Pronouncing Allah’s name prior to Eating or Drinking
  • Muslim Response and Greetings against it
  • Narrating Adhan in the Newly born Right Ear of
  • Blessing after Sneeze & its Response

Do You Know the Five Pillars of Islam?

These pillars are the structure of the Muslim’s discipline and life. Successful and acceptable devotion to the pillars gratifies the will of Allah. It would not be wrong to say that they shape the foundation for the hope of Muslims for salvation with reliance and belief in Allah’s presence, the power of Muhammad as a forecaster, and the perfection and finality of the Qur’an.

These are the Five Pillars:

  • The Confession of Faith

It claims that there is no god but only Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet. Honesty in the expression of the confession is essential, in order to make it valid. It must be apprehended until death, as well as repudiation, of the Shahada, invalidates hope for salvation.

  • Prayer or Salat

It is important to pay five times a day, which is preceded by ceremonial washing. Prayer is an appearance of compliance with the willpower of Allah. While the majority of Islam doesn’t have a hierarchical priesthood, prayers generally led in mosques by esteemed lay leaders.

  • Almsgiving or Zakat

This pillar indicates that the Qur’an teaches the offering of two & one-half percent of one’s wealth to the poor or for the proliferation of Islam. By executing this, the Muslims’ residual wealth is purified.

  • The Fast or Sawm

During the time period of Ramadan’s lunar month, every Muslim does a fast starting from sunrise and ending to sunset. Nothing should be passed over the lips while you keep a fast. Subsequent to sunset, feasting, along with other celebrations often occur.

  • Pilgrimage or Hajj

Muslims who are physically and economically able need to go for a journey just as a pilgrim to Mecca once (at least) in their life span. The pilgrim’s needed simple dress, in order to put some light on equality before God.

Want to Learn More About Islamic Culture?

As a matter of fact that the world is transforming rapidly and we are facing a technology boom, there are some tremendous ways to know more about this culture. Yes, you guessed it right; I am talking about mobile apps. Mobile app development companies are working hard to fulfill all the requirements of users and the below-mentioned apps are the true example of their hard work:

  • Quran Reading

Quran Reading is an app developed by QuranReading.com, which is a specialized online institute devoted towards directing Muslims to study about teachings of the Holy Quran.

Core Competencies

  • You can easily learn the teachings of the Quran without any issue
  • Comprehend the true meaning of Allah SWT’s sacred book
  • Translation of Quranic Ayats in different languages, including English

Number of Downloads: 1M+

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  • Dua, and Azkar

It is necessary to have an everyday routine of Dua & Azkar. Hence, those who are looking for a reliable source, this app offer a broad collection of supplications, as well as a remembrance of Allah.

Core Competencies

  • Get to know about the basic Dua’s, and topics that are usually neglected
  • Most authentic ‘open source’ app available on Google Play
  • Collected Dua and Azkar from diverse books and website over several years

Number of Downloads: 1M+

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Exploring the Beauty of Islamic Culture!

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Exploring the Beauty of Islamic Culture!

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