“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”
Bill Gates

Although we have learned so far that companies who evaluate customer satisfaction have a greater probability to consider themselves successful rather than those who are not. The only mantra for a company to continue the resolution is to deliver better customer services encompassing from individuals, team or considering the entire organisation. What can really take the business to the highest elevation, then it has to be customer satisfaction as well as euphoria.

Since competition,  is evolving rapidly in a fierce battle in order to conquer user’s attention with respective app stores are crowded, but a mobile app developer looks some tools to measure the success of its painstaking efforts. Here KPI’s come into the picture.  

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But what to do to measure the satisfaction level of mobile customers after reckoning the fact that mobile customers are really turning more impatient than ever before considering current landscape. It must be kept into the mind that just an app download is not sufficient to bring business for your brand. What is key to success is to stay vigilant on the customer satisfaction and evaluate how it can really influence the probability of business conversion.

App analytics tools

How your app is managing to get traction from the users is where understanding analytics come into the picture. This is although considered to be the primary area, although you are already provided with the officially integrated analytics which are although provided by the app stores. For a deeper penetration, there are large array of third party analytics.

App analytics tools

Apart from user-oriented analysis, others include time spent by the user in the app, user location, and user demographics with the simultaneous use of the app. It can even serve as a backup tool in case app store analytics are not trending in the appropriate direction.

In case you are looking for some of the key metrics in order to monitor while evaluating app analytics tools:

  • Number of downloads
  • App usage
  • Retention rate
  • Average revenue per user
  • User expectation and traction

More the data with the mobile app developer, easier for them to get the issues fixed and can give the more polished app as far as App store is concerned.  

In-app feedback

In-app feedback

One-to-one and anonymously from the users can be the most convenient way as far as gathering the information is concerned. Since the review and ratings will just between the users and the developers, instead of publicly visible on the app listing in the app store, it will alleviate the chances of app to have bad ratings or reviews. Hence gathering as well acting upon-in app feedback will not only maintain the positive public image rather it will pave to establish a credible relationship as far as customers are concerned.

Reviews and ratings

This is although considered to be the most influential metrics in order to measure customer experience. To get a deeper penetration of consumer experience, customer react with the rating of the app as well as leaving with the reviews. In case the ratings are reduced considerably or started getting the negative reviews which are unfavourable, then it will be beneficial to respond to the issue and solve them accordingly. What can improve the relationship, is to fix the problem and communicate with the concerned customers as soon as possible.

Session Tracking

Although there are various assumptions with the smaller sessions where the developer might get an idea of having some difficulties while utilising the app or may develop interest on alternative app. Short sessions can be easily assumed to be the difficulties in user experience. May be there must be difficulties as far as UI is concerned, or may be stuck with a bug. Irrespective to issue, session tracking can uncover it successfully.

Session Tracking

Although there are different pages as well as sections in order to get a deeper level. The following metrics are sufficient to get cognizance of session tracking:

  • Average session length
  • Frequency of sessions
  • Activity per session
  • Bounce rate of various page

Monitoring 1st time user dropping Account

Considering the first-time users, they have the more chances of getting it downloaded and trying it out. But this case is equally applicable to the app discarding. Here graphs can be created in order to establish comparative study  how the users are basically filtered with the number of decreasing from the App Store page in order to view installing till the final stage of sending or sharing the app with the friends. You must be mentally prepared to see the number dwindling, perhaps it is considered as a normal journey as far as new users are considered. It is quite essential to learn from the customer experience and keep verse with the newer steps in order to keep up the app utilisation.

User demographic

User demographic

In case the mobile app developer is versed with what age group, what country, or  what gender are people more likely be downloading, then what can prove to intensify the consumer experience is to add customisation. Here, the easiest example is to translate the app in every possible language and enhance the user engagement through it.

Wrapping up

Although there are innumerable factors which will help the mobile app Development Company to evaluate the customer experience. It can be fixed with the good pointers in order to retain with the users of the app. Fluper believes in growing organically which can result with a long-lasting survival. Hence with these strategies, customer experience can be evaluated with a great accuracy.

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