Yes, it is true upto certain extent that apps have more seemingly dominated the way customers do interact with the brands. According to TNW, in 2016 apps have grown on average 2500 apps per day whereas Google Play downloads are expected to triple till the end of the year 2020.

Although mobile app development is just the beginning of the app developer road to success. There are innumerable steps that are needed to be crossed in order to attain the goal. Hence outlining a powerful marketing strategy is regarded as the most vital step which entails an entire set of elements like Social Media, PR, backlinking, app review, SEO, ASO and many more. ASO, in case not familiar with, is the continuous process to enhance an app’s ranking as well as discoverability as far as App Store is concerned. Analogous to the search engine indexes websites, it encompasses with the entire range of factors which include app’s keywords, app reviews as well as download engagement while elucidating which apps to witness first in the top chart.

Now that ASO aids with discoverability, it enables to identify as well as learn about the app. Although there are distinct ASO algorithm considering to boost the app visibility where the primary factors of concern include: title, keywords, MAU, ratings and reviews, download velocity etc. Although in this blog I will solely be focussing on the title and keyword strategies for your app.

Strategies to pick ASO-friendly app title

Tip1#. Utilise the right length: 65-75 characteristics

  • Here App title optimisation comes into the picture with the correct length. Previously it was allowed upto 255 characters. According to few amendments by Apple, which has restricted upto 75 characters.
  • Within the few amendments, it includes restriction over keyword stuffing as far as super long app titles are concerned, with the ultimate motive to enhance its user experience.
  • Here keyword density must be highlighted. It is more to reduce on the weight of algorithm while using unnecessary keywords, hence a fair amount of keywords utilisation will further demonstrate the algorithm which keywords targets by the app on the priority basis.

Recommendation: since this is a question of identifying the right dosage of keywords, hence it is quite essential to bring a short yet descriptive sentence into use with the addition of brand name.

Tip2# stuffing most important keywords

Here multiple sources of keywords play a substantial role considering Apple’s algorithm. Hence the app title is considered to be most powerful weapon since it has the most impactful influence on the users.

stuffing most important keywords

In case you are looking to enhance the chances of visibility, it is quite essential to target the strongest yet the most relevant keywords over the app title. Turn on the comprehensive research to identify the heaviest search traffic yet the lowest competition possible.

Recommendation: Once Apple takes the same keyword into account, it is quite unnecessary to iterate the app title keywords in the proximity of keyword field (100 characters).

Tip3# identify the right update frequency

Undeniably, the entire ecosystem is changing at a faster pace where the App Store is considered as a dynamic platform which accommodates over 1.5 million apps with addition of 1600 new apps on a regular basis. With the changing ecosystem where apart from new apps, new trends are also ensuring its existence. Hence the whole topic can be bifurcated into various strategies:

  • Keep verse with the changing ecosystems i.e. ASO updates as well as regular app metadata tuned with the current tendencies.
  • It must be considered as a thoughtful strategy by taking previous learnings into account along with the avoiding of same sort of mistakes again and again.
  • Keywords that are demonstrating the great ranking progression must utilise in order to optimise the app title.
  • By employingKeyword Monitoring Tool that can help to identify the strongest keywords and tracking over the performance as well as progression on the basis of time.
  • Avoid being haphazard since it takes few week to get the keywords indexed.

Some tips and tricks to enhance keyword strategy

Keywords are considered to be the major factor as far as App Store Optimisation is concerned, since customers do use keywords in various combinations to search for the app. Here the most significant action is keyword research which connotes research, analysing and placing selected keywords with the ultimate motive to maximise the probability to enhance the chances of being found by the potential customers.

Tip 1#: Dedicate efforts to consider App Store search behaviour

For instance ASO is more often named as “mobile SEO” OR “App Store SEO” where although ASO or SEO follow the similar concept. But while considering the keyword optimisation, it is quite essential to regard the difference between app store search behaviour as well as online search behaviour.

Dedicate efforts to consider App Store search behaviour

As far as online search queries are concerned, it includes all the keywords as well as phrases whereas searches on the app store are more preferably generic yet short. More likely app store queries consist of several words to express some functionalities, additionally users more likely try to find the particular app, hence searches of the users rotates around the brand names in the app store.

Recommendation: try to be particular since users look for an app that not only serve the needs but have outlined a specific imagination in their mind.

Tip2#: Establishing poised between keyword popularity and competition

Users although have a higher request for some of the generic terms like “messengers” or “shopping” which is known as short tail keywords. Although competition for keywords are high considerably due to their generic meaning as well as broad utilisation, which are more likely be relevant to the various other apps. Hence with the combination of lower competition and higher chances get your app downloaded it looks for a specific search terms.

Establishing poised between keyword popularity and competition

Recommendation: identify the robust base of keywords that are relevant with the app which looks for establishing poised between competition as well as search volume.

Tip3#: Differentiate which keywords work good and which lag behind

It looks for the statistics within the online dashboard with the ultimate optimisation of keyword strategy in order to differentiate which keywords are good for you and which are not. Although there are various tools that can monitor the ranking results that are based on the specific keyword which demonstrates how the app basically ranks for a particular keyword. It may possible that it may decline with the particular keyword.

Recommendation: it looks for a comparing the ranking for a particular search term which would render the perfect overview of the app store performance.

Wrapping up:

Fluper believes that there are various pieces to the ASO puzzle, it looks for comprehensive research, time as well as strategies that accommodate the best with the app. Hence in case you are looking for some good tips to ASO, feel free to contact us.

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