In the era of digital marketing, selling apartments through mobile apps are still continued to be a distant dreams for realty developers. According to Realty from Economic Times, some realty developers have extended their tentacles to social media in order to reach the potential customers by leveraging the fact that home buyers are finding it quite convenient to research various options virtually rather than physically examining shortlisted properties.

Since the retail landscape is getting improvised day by day, even the realty developers understood that without an online presence or mobile app will find themselves stuck in the inactivity, although there are few countries like Singapore which has got a higher penetration keeping in mind customer’s reliance over the technology as well as mobile conveniences. With the advent of mobile technology, this has certainly paved the way as far as the growth of e-commerce is concerned. But, according to Fluper this is not the only reason. These mobile apps serve the opportunity in order to create one-stop consultancy service to keep the retailers apace of market trends through the provision of industry knowledge, quicker access to related expertise as well as technical know-how.

Is mobile apps sufficient to discover potential home buyers?

Although it is not a matter of astonishment that in the age of smartphone as well as other mobile devices that descended upon so quickly which brought it like a revolution rather than a mere progress. Although it seemed a very small time to get paged as far as email on your phone is concerned, and then having the miniature computer in the hand which is day by day turning more powerful than any of the desk.

Is mobile apps sufficient to discover potential home buyers

There are many incentives to have a mobile app as far as real estate is concerned and outlined few features that certainly manifest the fact that mobile apps can be one of the tools to discover potential home buyers.

  • With the help of mobile app, it enhances the customer services as well as communication since it serves with the phone number, address and email which will be right at the fingertips of not only clients as well as customers so that both can reach each other with the touch of the button.
  • Keeping in mind the younger clients, it is quite essential to invade the mobile app in case you want to occupy the considerable position in the housing market. Having the mobile app as a part of the mobile strategy that will effectively bring the young people into the business as help you to stay relevant in the dynamic market.
  • These mobile apps can be considered as a handy tool as well as easy to use features for instance loan calculators, which can conveniently help to calculate the mortgage payment costs irrespective to the venue and it does not look to schedule a meeting and can privately review the information. But this is the ultimate responsibility of the mobile application development companies in order to render the most path breaking app.
  • It enables with the push notifications in order to alert the clients. It enables the clients with location as well as various sorts of messages while including promotions, reminders, incentives and many more.

Hence with mobile app development, it serves distinct advantages hence all these killer features are sufficient enough to retain the existing clients and can even intensify the spirit by attracting new ones. Hence with the advent of a mobile app irrespective of Android or iPhone is sufficient enough to make the business more visible in this impulsive level of competition.

With the ultimate motive of benefitting the brand, meeting the day to day requirement but also long term business goal by helpful time and financial management in order to satisfy customer as well as supported by the most beefy platform with the help of plenty mobile as well as desktop options at the disposal. But what makes it quite essential to discover the cream-of the-crop tool in order to effective implement online marketing as well as sales efforts with distinct utilisations.

Hence, in order to satisfy the above needs, it is quite essential to look at the latest technology in real estate which looks for a mobile app to satisfy the small but intuitive interface.  


With the ultimate motive to keep the work as well as play separated with contexts, perspectives as well as focus by ignoring the irrelevant and highlighting what you can do and help it to accomplish. It is supported by few features which are quite essential to consider:


  • A Contextual Life: OmniFocus enables to see the work in a distinct way with each perspective designed for something particular with comprehensive Planning, executing as well as regular checking with the upcoming day. By following this procedure, it enables to stay on top of the project as well as set goals to review in the best way with interval customisation, shortcuts and various other things.
  • Tasks at hand:  OmniFocus is quite flexible in order to be used the way you want. It enables to start with a workflow or the system you were aware of like GTD. It enables to craft the way from the scratch.
  • It ensures never to overlook game changing ideas: With OmniFocus for Apple Watch and iOS, which can be a reason behind never to lose a thing. The feature which is quite reasonable for real estate is to enjoy free Sync Server which enables quick entry, location awareness as well as Siri Capture.
  • 3D touch for iPhone: It enables to show detailed of an action to pop the editor followed by Swipe Up and quicker actions.
  • Intuitively Constructed: It includes built-in-colour as far as Mac is concerned: light and dark. Although both are considered to be easy for the eyes as well as look quite fantastic in full screen. There are three fonts for instance San Francisco, Georgia as well as variant of Proxima Nova.



With the ultimate motive “never lose touch with opportunity” CoStarGo puts a vast amount of information which is essential for real estate business irrespective to the location. As far as clients are concerned, it helps in detailed listing as well as property information, tenants, sale and lease camps with intuitive designs to get the realistic photos and many more. It provides with easy-to-use integrated mobile platform. It is beneficial for the business as well as clients since it enables to access extensive and property data, tenant information and sales comparable which can be a boon not only for the real estate business as well as clients.


REoptimizer’s lease management software is a CRE optimisation tool in order to balance the portfolio, save time and money. It streamlines the communication and manages the project across the entire organisation with simplification. What makes it worth comparable?


  • It comes with the top level security in order to protect the document.
  • In order to track the entire team, it enables easy collaboration and reporting.
  • It gives snapshot view as far as entire corporate real portfolio is concerned.
  • It is basically reckoned with the team of brokers with more than 50 years of experience.
  • It serves access from any device and anywhere in the world.
  • REoptimizer systematically benchmark the aggregate cost of commercial real estate for corporations which not maximises the competition of tenancy dollars and simultaneously drives the cost down.
  • It streamlines one of the most difficult real estate management processes helping the corporate real estate executives as well as lease administration taking into consideration innumerable variables within the competency offers for tentacy irrespective of time and place.   

Yardi CRM Mobile 

Yardi is known to dedicate as far as design, development and support of real estate investment management is concerned with the help of property management software. It offers full business solution encompassing real estate market which includes multifamily to senior and military housing. It comes with two platforms:


  • Yardi Genesis for smaller real estate firms
  • Yardi Voyager is basically to deal with mod to large sized property owners, investors as well as managers.

These two platforms include operations, accounting as well as ancillary process with mobility as far as residential and commercial portfolios are concerned.

What makes it distinguishable considering real estate business?

With the highest commitment to innovation, responsiveness well as customer focus, Yardi still continues to design and develop to modulate in the long-run survival. Yardi can be accommodated to order to manage the portfolio effectively, and efficiently keeping in mind cut throat competition.

These are effective enough to kick start the startups to established realty developers. Apps are effective enough not only to look for the potential buyers but also to manage the tasks seamlessly.

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