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Instagram is a source of great content for a website. You can use Instagram photos from your account or the profiles of other users. This integration allows you to increase your visibility and maintains a steady source of content for your WordPress site.


Several premium tools are available for this purpose. The following post deals with how to do it on a budget, more like free of cost! Here we present a list of the top free plugins and widgets for integrating Instagram with WordPress.

What will the plugins do? 

Displaying Instagram photos on WordPress has never been easier. The free plugins are robust as well as full of features that make integration and sharing pictures and images cake-walk. You can punch in the details of which account(s) to import photos from while setting up and configuring the plugin. You can insert the Instagram photo feeds into the posts, pages, display them as sidebars or on the footer area of the site with a widget.

So, what are the best free Instagram- WordPress plugins?


Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is the most popular among the free plugins and has an excellent user rating with 9 million downloads. The plugin allows the option of creating more than one feed to use throughout the entire site. You can use the feeds to display photos from multiple accounts, which means you have a constant stream of content.

This is one of the top Instagram-WordPress plugins, and therefore, it offers you several controls and features to customize the way you want it. You can even change the height and the width of the photos, which means the control over the number of pictures displayed is on you. What is more, the plugin is very mobile-friendly, and all you need to keep in mind is updating the application as soon as the update patches are released.


Feed Them Social

The most significant advantage that Feed Them Social allows the user is the integration of WordPress not just with Instagram but also Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you are looking for a single and simple solution for integrating all your social media platforms with WordPress site, then this is the one.

With the latest free version, you can support Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, albums, groups, events, Pinterest feeds, Twitter feeds, and even YouTube. However, for YouTube, you will need to buy the premium version of the plugin. Also, there are several extensions for the plugin that you should check-out as they offer tons of other nifty features.


The WPZOOM Social Feed

If you are looking to gain full control over the display of your Instagram content, this widget is what you need. The WPZOOM widget requires a simple download and installation following which you will be able to navigate this user friendly and feature-rich widget. You can add sidebars, headers, and footers to insert posts and pages from Instagram. The most recent update allows you to link Instagram posts from profiles other than your account as well.

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The widget’s default settings allow you to select between a single, double, or a triple column layout for displaying images. You can also use the widget in its full wide mode, which means you can convert any Instagram image into a full-scale horizontal banner. Additionally, you can configure the display of the photos through the widget to either scale down or scale up any picture. You can change the spacing between images and even hide buttons on the widget to give the site a clean look.

If you are one of the tech-savvy lots, you can additionally access the CSS features to alter the deeper codings and customize beyond the widget’s default features.


WP Instagram Widget

The WP Instagram Widget is a basic combination of Instagram with your WordPress site. With this module, you can add your most recent Instagram photos to any sidebar or footer utilizing the plugin’s widget. The module keeps things perfect and straightforward however you can modify it with CSS to make it coordinate the remainder of your site.


Instagram Slider Widget

On the off chance that you need to include your Instagram feed as a slider rather than a display at that point consider the free Instagram Slider Widget plugin. With this plugin, your pictures are imported as connections. They would then be able to be appeared inside the widget as a slider or as a gallery. Also, there are possibilities for picture connecting, arranging, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Enjoy Plugin

Here is another solid choice when it comes to displaying Instagram posts on your WordPress site. The default options include a photo-grid and a carousel option. With this plugin, you can insert content from specific users and hashtags so that your social media integration is an all-rounder affair. There is a sidebar, banner, and shortcode features, so the widget is unparalleled in the ease of use, display, and customization features.

If you are thinking about how the photos will be displayed, then Enjoy Instagram will not disappoint you since there are effects like the lightbox and carousel that allow visitors to view larger images of the content and maintain the aesthetics of the site when glanced over.

get a theme or plugin (or implant some photos all alone) and begin constructing a relationship with your perusers! On the off chance that you have another subject or plugin you’d suggest for Instagram, or in the event that you have any tips or inquiries for sharing photographs with WordPress simply leave a comment.

Wrapping Things Up

When you’ve added your Instagram to your website you can exploit all the one of a kind prospects it opens up for you. Instagram is an extraordinary method to interface with your perusers on an individual level by sharing in the background photos, taking depictions of new and forthcoming activities, urging your devotees to share their own photos identified with your business, tagging friends or your greatest fans in pics, or in any event, beginning your own # patterns.

You can check out demos and video descriptions for each free plugin online to understand how each integration addon works and makes the WordPress site look. Always be sure of the idea or theme you are going for and choose from our list of free Instagram WordPress addons wisely.



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