This fact is not hidden from any Top mobile app development companies that Push Notifications can be considered as one of the effective marketing tools to engage app users for prolonged time period. If you are unclear about the term, ‘Push notifications’, then allow me to brush up your knowledge on this term citing the definition given in Google. It states that Push notification is a text message popping up on a mobile device usually triggered by mobile app developers at any point of time irrespective of whether the user is in the app or using the device to receive them. Also leveraging personalization and geolocation can actually diminish the gap between the developed applications and the app users, catering to other utilities as well.

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Categorizing such notifications into specific campaign groups can creatively serve the purpose of any best mobile application development company.

So, which are these push notification campaigns that you were probably ignorant of till date??

Wish to learn about them? Then let’s begin with:

  • Welcome Campaign- For either iOS app developers or Android app development companies, it is advisable not to ignore the importance of pushing a ‘Welcome’ notification as soon as a fresh user accesses the application first time on installation. A friendly tone of the text opportune a future string of communication process possibility, directing the user towards the first important in-app event such as special offers or discount as incentives persuading them to make their first purchase. The aim is to pull back the user again.


  • Re-engaging Campaign- This particular push notification campaign specifies ways to re-target inactive users who failed to complete specific in-app actions. The focus must be on content that leads them down a conversion path, also, reminding high-intent users to complete a specific action such as returning to the shopping cart they abandoned.  Push message segmentation based on past in-app behavior and conversion intent decides for mobile developers to increase app usage as well as raise user lifetime value (LTV).


  • Re-engage lapsed users Campaign- This is a common practice among most users to first download an application, actively navigating it for the initial few months but gradually discard it altogether. This is where a well-planned, proactive push notification campaign proves to be a boon in successfully targeting lapsed users, raising the app user adoption rate at the same time. Such a campaign is designed primarily to target users who are likely to become inactive. Pushing such a content-rich notification personalized based on their past behavior can spark their curiosity and draw them back into your app.


  • Location-based Campaign- Leverage the benefit of geolocation based application feature to target users with area-specific promotions, offers, and events. It is clever to strategize push notification campaigns that hit those users who engage with a specific content or performs a specified in-app action.


  • Reward Campaign- Application engagement and user retention are two most important factors irrespective of the type of mobile application developed. Utilize the push notification benefits to prevent end users from omitting the app and, in turn, build up their loyalty by offering rewards and perks now and then. Also, a ‘Thank you’ message can be generated on their completion of a conversion goal to add value.

Time to wrap up

Being a mobile application development company, you will agree that push notifications undoubtedly comes as a boon if you wish to promote the developed application. The above-mentioned campaigns are the different ways by which such a feature can be molded to benefit the application in the long run. Developers as Fluper, leading among the top-rated mobile app development companies, recognize the potentiality that underlines push notification feature and is optimally molded to yield satisfying end results.

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