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NTT report claims more than 89 percent of Indian trades accept that this pandemic scenario deliberates them to dependent on cloud technology. It is ever seen that multinational to SMEs all types of businesses are running their trade wheel on cloud activities to earn the profit. The pandemic situation has lead to deficiencies in the infrastructure of cloud technology, network architecture, and security norms of businesses. 

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Observing the abilities of a business to adopt, dexterous, and modify the trade policy according to the current scenario and requirements. It has pushed and shaping a modern cultural business mindset, with global companies balance their strategic plans from different applications and in various infrastructural recovery. 

Although the uncertainty is prevailing all around the globe, cloud-based technology has delivered a notable scope to speed up the virtual transition initiatives. According to the report of NTT, on cloud technology measures that overall 89 percent of businesses in India have come to a common concept that this pandemic has dramatically led their businesses to do faith in the advancement of technology. 

This report has observed with 950 decision-makers in all over 13 Asia Pacific countries, including India claims that hybrid cloud is now turning to be a majority to take real-time decisions and maintain the data-driven processes for present and future.

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