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The way, the process of digitalization is growing; today’s businesses are emerging with a revenue model that can be popular all the time. The model just follows the simple principle: Spot out people’s problems in daily life and solve that with a mobile application.

By leveraging this concept, home service app like Justlife comes into sight and in the last few years, the market for these types of apps is expanding like bean-stalks. Whether you want home cleaning or you need an electrician or a plumber or a salon partner or any other service at your home, you can get that by a few taps on your home-service app.

The global home service is flourishing in peek. The market size was estimated at USD 370.86 Million in 2021. It is expected that it’ll grow at a CAGR of 21.14% from 2022 to 2030 and reach USD 1,826.35 Million by 2030. The demand for this app increases during a pandemic.

This calculation tells that, developing an on-demand home service mobile application like Justlife (justmop) will generate high revenue for your business. Now, the matter is what’ll be the Cost to develop app like Justlife?

What exactly is Justlife?

Justlife is a Dubai-based home service mobile app that provides cleaning services like house cleaning, laundry pickup and delivery, and car cleaning. Later they transformed into Justlife in 2015 and offer cleaning services along with beauty and wellness services and other home appliances maintenance services.

How does Justlife work?

When we aim to find the Cost to develop app like Justlife, we need to analyze its process of working. The app functions in two ways.

When it works for End-users, it provides the following facilities.

  • Customers can book their required home services from this app. They can choose the service providers by checking their rating, reviews and available time.
  • The users can check the budget of the service and fix the date and time.
  • They can pay online for the service or select cash on delivery service.
  • In addition, users can rate the service provided according to their experiences.

When it works for vendors, it provides the following facilities.

  • The service providers can accept and reject service when the customers book it.
  • The bid is informed by the vendors and customers.
  • They can manage their profile and rating.

Must-have Features of Home service app like Justlife:

Must-have Features of Home service app like Justlife

Justlife like app development cost depends on the features you have added to the app. This mobile application has three panels and the features are added based on the requirements of these three panels.

Features for the users:

  • Register
  • The users can register themselves and make an account in the app by signing up with their Email id/phone number/social media user id.
  • Advanced search:

Users can filter particular services that they prefer this option as these types of apps provide multiple services for the customers.

  • Manage and order schedule:

This feature is used to schedule the timing for home service and orders. They can also reorder and reschedule or cancel the services as per their convenience.

  • Service tracking:

As the app is integrated with GPS tracking software, the users can track the service from this app. suppose, a user ordered a laundry service, and he can track the live location of the service provider and estimate the timing of his arrival at home.

  • Rate and review: 

The users can rate the service provider and share their feedback that’ll help the other customers to take the decision.

Features for the Vender’s panel:

Features for the Vender panel

  • Register

The vendor can register themselves and create an account in this app likewise the user’s app.

  • Profile builder

Here, the vendor can add their details like location, experience, and background of previous jobs. It helps the user to find a suitable vendor for their service.

  • Accepting / rejecting user requests

This feature helps the vendor accept or reject users’ bookings based on their demands.

  • Manage orders and requests

This feature is very important to organize the requests of the users and the services that they have to provide according to their schedule.

  • Payment Receipt 

Here the vendor checks the record of the money received in their account and other pending payments of the users.

  • Rating and reviews

The vendors can check their ratings and reviews provided by the users as their rank in the app depends upon those ratings.

  • Notifications regarding bookings

The vendors can get notifications of the booking requests and information through the app and can stay connected with the customers.

Features for the Admin panel

  • Schedule management

The admin can manage all the users and the vendor from this feature.

  • Customer service

This feature helps the admin to provide guidance and assistance to the users and vendors.

  • Dashboards and other statistics

The admin works in the app Dashboard and maintains statistics.

  • Manage users and service providers 

A link between the users and service providers is maintained by the admin.

  • Managing services as per prices 

All the services are given defined prices.

  • Tasks allocation 

From this feature, the admin can manage the vendors of the specific services and maintain the transactions and invoices.

  • Payments to cleaners 

The admin manages the payment schedule of the vendors and pays them according to the invoices.

Additional Features of the home services app:

Additional Features of the home services app

To make an app like Justlife, you need to focus on the conveniences of the users and the vendors. For this purpose, you may have to include some additional features in your application.

If you go to a Mobile app development Company in UAE, they can add some more features to your app to make it more functional. No doubt that additional features increase the Cost to develop apps like Justlife. Here is some additional feature that you can add based on your requirements.

  • Live consultation
  • Subscription packages
  • Multilingual
  • In-app navigation
  • Promotion and offers
  • Online invoicing and billing facilities
  • GPS tracking
  • Job history details

What is the Cost to develop app like Justlife?

Justlife like app develop cost depends upon several factors, like,

  • App platform like android or iOS.
  • Innovative and Interactive UI/UX design.
  • Several features are integrated and their complexity.
  • Third-party integration.
  • The cost of the developers is based on their skills.
  • Developer’s geographical location.
  • Testing and maintenance of the app.
  • Time for development (per hour).

In rough estimation, the Cost to develop an app like Justlife is between $15000 to $30000 in 3- months of developing time.

Bottom line:

In a nutshell, these home service apps like Justlife make easy the lives of people and help businesses to generate great profit. So, if you are planning to develop such types of apps, don’t worry about the Justlife like app develop cost. Simply hire a genuine Mobile app development Company in UAE and they can provide you with a perfectly functional app at the best price.

Meta: On a rough estimate,the Cost to develop app like Justlife is in between $15000 and $30,000. which would take about 3-6 months based on added features.

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