As more and more individuals are learning to code, top mobile application development companies are hiring those who are competent enough to craft the best of the new cloud and mobile tools. Although investors and simultaneously hackers are beginning to figure out the best tools in order to earn huge sum of money. Fluper is creating an index in order to create the most cloud-based services for the mobile app and web app developers. There are few qualities that are simple but are part of this index:

  • Innovative
  • Contribution to the development of mobile and web apps
  • To bridge the gaps within the multiple platforms
  • Validation by creating the momentum of the market.

Within a relatively short amount of time, building of mobile app has brought the transformation from a process which looks for a lot of knowledge requirement into something which can be framed easily by anyone. Cloud-based tools are some of the highest recommended tool to create something ideal as far as certain developers are concerned.


Conduit App

It is although considered to be the most powerful cloud based tool which not only provide the centralized control but the automation as well in all the aspects as far as workflow processes and company documentations’ are concerned. By utilising the existing software framework companies are not only going to streamline and automatize but also organise the entire documentation in order to manage the work process.

It allows organisations not only to create multi layered rules for creating the automate document but also take part in the collaborative business processes which are derived from the organisation existed data structure.

Appery App

This is considered to be the leading cloud-based platform which provides with the rapid development environment in order to build mobile as well as responsive apps. It is basically the low code platform which ensures rapid deployment and development of cross-device applications.

Since it is integrated with the organisation’s systems and cloud services as well. It enables the mobile app developers to rapidly create cost-effective app that would help the organisation not only with the improved productivity but also increased revenue as well. This was formerly known to be Tigzy which was considered to be the cloud-based hybrid mobile, HTML5, and jQuery mobile app builder. It has been quite easy to build an app since it runs on the cloud and it does not look for any install or download.


codiqa App

Codiqa which is considered to be the 100% cloud-based app which can be accessed, built, edited, and can be shared from anywhere at any point of time. This is although more favourable for those who are more inclined towards designers rather than a programmer. Although it is less focussed on the developer but it accessed with drag and drop interface in order to create streamline building for mobile prototype. It uses 100% HTML5 component in order to create cloud-based platform. It brings into the convenience making it into a prototype and can be left with the useable real code.

Keen Apps

It is considered to be the best instance of an advanced app without requirement of the modern analytics. It possesses with the immense ability which can be incorporated with the powerful charting capabilities into the application. Within a fraction of time analytics feature can be expected by incorporating APIs which use for analysis, visualise as well as collection of the data.


Knack Apps

When it comes to big data solution, knack is capable enough to create a perfect solution by using “little data” with a cross between Caspico and Filemaker Pro .It tries to craft the online database and is concentrated upon simple web applications in order to develop the app that can easily go with the data. Since this tool comes with the functionality such as custom forms, data display as well as search which can easily be integrated with the cloud services with the web API and JavaScript without any obstacles. It offers the innovative way of finding and sharing of the data.

These apps will not only make the process of mobile application development services streamlined but also the time of development of the app can be reduced upto certain extent.

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