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The world on the cloud is now more visible than ever before. In a short span of time, it has emerged as a nebula that has encompassed wider domains ranging from computing to hosting. This nebula however is more gigantic than we can imagine. To put it simply cloud storage involves data of the order of petabytes. If these numbers are to be more simplified, 1 petabyte equals 1 million gigabytes. Let us now start to imagine the world that inhabits the cloud.

How Do We Describe a Cloud Platform?

Cloud Platform is the broadly defined as the hardware and the operating environment of the server, which hosts the cloud. Let us take it a bit further. The infrastructure, which pertains to a cloud hosting service in addition to the applications involved therewith, can be referred to as a cloud platform. To exemplify it, there are three major cloud platforms, which include Amazon web service, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud platform.

How to choose the right cloud platforms?

Let us take it from the top;

It is not uncommon that companies are increasingly taking to the cloud to increase their digital footprint. This is actually a positive sign for both the companies and the service providers as the former believe in rolling their revenues while the later have cheap and competitive services to offer. Nevertheless, what bothers the companies most is the choice involving the cloud platform? This is because different companies have diverse needs and that the platform too offer varied services.

This now brings us to the resolution of the dilemma for choosing the right cloud platform. Here are a few pointers:

Order Of Operations

The order of operations refers to the number of people who are using a particular service. When the number of people are more, there may be higher chances of the security of data being compromised thereby increasing the vulnerability.

The Nature of Data Matters

There may be instances when the nature of data to be stored may be of immense importance to an organization. In this context, this may directly dictate upon the nature of platform to be chosen. Correspondingly, highly sensitive data may demand a highly secure platform to operate upon.

The Credentials Of The Provider

After doing a background research, it is important to note that the service provider has a proven record of accomplishment. This can be assessed from the following criteria;

Whether the customer services and the order of management services is followed by a positive remark?

Whether the needs of the company and services offered by the provider fall on the same page?

Does the cost at which the services are offered are comparable to the margins at which other service providers are offering similar services?

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The Logic Behind Downtime

Some of the most trusted cloud hosting services provide a downtime of about 98 to 99 percent. In this context, when one has to choose the best cloud platform, one of the chief considerations should be minimal downtime possible.

Security Comes First

In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, data continues to be the new oil. And why not? Data mining in the 21st century has to be accompanied by a critical security infrastructure underneath it. As this data is sensitive, cloud safeguards the information of the company secrets and also the employee’s details to mention a few. Any compromise on data may tarnish the image of the company in future. Moreover, the compliance with the corresponding governing laws as well as rules and regulations may prove to be the first order of the business.

The Structure Of The Infrastructure

At a time when the cloud-based services are increasing day by day, the infrastructure requirements need to be minimal. In addition to this, it can no longer be a complex set of variables that are too difficult to operate. The chief characteristic of some of the popular types of cloud platforms is the ease of their operability as well as navigability.

The Technological Advent

The free flow of technology has given rise to a world that is not afraid of change. In the scientific age, change is the only constant. This means that no one actually knows the lapse rate between the fall of traditional technologies and the rise of new ones. The point of discussion here is that as new technologies are gathering pace, some cloud platforms are not shying away from using them. Hence, while choosing the right cloud platform to enhance your search engine optimization processes, preference should be given to those ones, which are leaders in new technologies and processes.

Service At Your Doorsteps

It is worthy to choose a service provider, which offers round the clock support system services. You actually never know when you are screwed up by system issued which may prove difficult to resolve. A good service provider helps in the resolution of these issues and problems quickly as well as effectively.


In one word, it is not difficult to choose the right cloud platform for enhancing your SEO but the decision has to be an informed one!

Sanchita Mittal

Sanchita Mittal is a dynamic technophile, writing on all aspects of the hosting technological world. With wide and deep experience of covering all matters related to STEM, She wants to be at the forefront of technology, whether it is already applied in real life or still in the R & D lab. She has an active appearance on CloudOYE belvedere, always ready for the enthusiast technical approach.

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