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AR apps are in a mounting trend. Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit both are escalating the methods using which Augmented Reality can be utilized in the actual world. Several applications are taking benefits of these features in an interesting method on both Android and iOS. Also, numerous mobile app development companies are implementing this technology. Today, I am going to mention some AR apps that are in trend. However, before that, let us understand a bit about Augmented Reality and how it is different from VR.

What Augmented Reality is?

AR is the outcome of utilizing technology, in order to superimpose information, such as text, sounds, and images on the world we live in. let me make the definition simpler to you, it is a technology, which superimposes an image generated by the computer on a user’s view of the actual or real-world offering a composite view. Just imagine the “Iron Man” or “Minority Report” style of interactivity.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

AR is quite different from VR. Virtual Reality brings computer-generated environments for users to immerse in and interact with. On the other hand, Augmented Reality adds to the real things you would commonly see rather than replacing it.

Top 12 iOS AR Apps


Night Sky

Night Sky on iOS offers a compelling AR experience for astronomy and stargazing. Such apps take the help of your phone’s orientation and current locations to display geographically precise star map on your screen. This map can be easily layered on your surrounding via AR functionality. Night Sky is an amazing tool, in order to learn about the astronomical details, which entertaining and educational.


Just a Line

Just a Line is a Google-sponsored app that lets you draw AR doodles in your three-dimensional surroundings. In fact, you can collaborate on drawings with the other iOS and Android users. Just hold down your figure and move the mobile phone, in order to draw a line in your surroundings.



Several iOS app development companies consider this application quite useful. As it supplies a number of educational AR animations, figuring out the functionality of everything from locks to car engines. It is possible to tour the solar system on your tabletop, along with captions and explanation to direct your understanding.



There are multiple apps available on the app stores and most of them are disappointing. This application is absolutely a great option for contractor and designers. They can simply attach this mobile app to their professional measuring devices, permitting for the generation of tremendously accurate floor plans.


AR GPS Compass Map 3D

With the help of this app, you can guide yourself with your current location to a random point on this map by using augmented reality compass. Choose where you wish to finish, and the heads-up display can guide you to your destination. In addition, it makes sure you do not get completely lost.



It is impossible to print the temporary tattoos by using inkjet printers. However, INKHUNTER can help you out in this. You just need to draw an easy target on your body through ballpoint pen. You can even project tattoo design onto your skin. Take the images from the library of a stock flash of INKHUNTER. You can even utilize your own designs. Regulate the tattoo and capture to your photo stream, in order to share it with your tattoo artist or friends.


Google Translate

As per mobile app developers, it is one of the most helpful applications of AR technology so far. Google Translate can convert the text in an image from one language to the other. You just need to open the mobile app, copy the text, and wait for the process of translation. Moreover, it includes more pedestrian translation utilities that are the best free tools.



While Snapchat is #3 app on the app store, it even has only two out of five stars. However, the app is one of the most used photo-based social networks. The AR features of Snapchat are extremely effective, and a few things, including face swap and dog filter, have become a meme in their own.



Similar to GIPHY GIF app, GIPHY world is built to assist you to create the fun videos, as well as messages you can easily share with your family or friends. You can place 3D models created from GIPHY’s library in the world around you, build a video, and then share it with your friends and followers.



If you are one of those, who are now sick with Snapchat, then you can fix your AR with Holo app. It is designed for placing animated three-dimensional models to the world around you through augmented reality. There is a huge gallery of content using which you can create scenes and share them effortlessly with your friends.



Just learn to draw with AR! SketchAR is a recently released app that utilizes your camera to direct you via realistic sketches. Just follow the instructions given on the screen. Though the interface may need some essential positioning of paper and phone, the app is a unique method to explore the AR’s app.


The last app that I would like to mention in my list is Arise. This is an AR puzzle game, which needs you to guide a small knight via a maze of optical illusions. In order to let knight pass over numerous gaps, you must get into the three-dimensional puzzle space unless the segments line up from your perspective. It allows the knight to continue across and on to the next gap.

All Things to be considered

In the above blog, I have stated some high-quality AR mobile apps that have gained so much popularity among users. There is no doubt that AR is still searching for its future aspects in the app development world. We have not yet found the so-called “killer apps” for Augmented Reality. However, we have realized some cool experiments have done so far. Games seem to be one of the most promising uses. Few gaming apps utilize AR to perform more than replicating two-dimensional environment. That’s all from my side. Please share your valuable comments if you want some more information on AR.

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