Challenges that App Development Startups have to Face


The 21st century is the era of technology and innovation. And the inception of millennium has already seen a number of technological innovations that have paced the lives of the human population. The mobile app development industry is one of the most fabulous example that has set the challenging milestone before the world.

Mobile app development companies came into existence less than a decade ago and virtually conquered the entire globe by the virtue of the modern day devices called smartphones. The millennium has witnessed transformation of entrepreneurs into appreneurs (app entrepreneurs) & emergence of billion dollar companies like UBER, Airbnb and various others. Every opportunity in this world comes with the challenges as inclusive factors. Let’s figure out the challenges you may come across in the process of becoming an appreneurs:

Life is a Race

This statement is completely true in case of the mobile app business as the modern period is running with the pace and people are made to wrap their life in promptness and this is persistent as the demand for quicker and efficacious solution will only increase as the clock will make its move. So run ahead of your competitors to slam them down in your business domain.

Additionally, always focus up on the minimum viable product and get the advantage of being quick by getting a swift time for yourself in the market.

Technically Adept Workforce

Technical Force

Either you’re intended to incept a startup or a mobile app development company, you are compelled to rely on the workforce which is skilled and committed to delve itself into your product. You can’t take the risk of having insufficient numbers for people for your venture.

If you’re planning to launch an app, make sure you give preference to both iOS and android equally as they contribute significantly up to 98% of the entire smartphone market. In this case you will be requiring the people who are able to connect you with the market with their skills efficiently.

Nail the User Interface

User Interface

This is a bitter truth that no matter how effective you app may be but it won’t get the devices until it has lucrative designs. Your app will get downloads if it’s visually attractive. Additionally, to ensure the longer stays in the devices your app out to be intuitive and user-friendly, if it’s not then it again will fail to hit the target users.

So, it is wise to give proper time and efforts to the user interface, before you head towards the coding, unless your other efforts may go in vain.

Plan the Growth

Various app startups make a robust start but gradually begin to fail because of inappropriate strategy and business plan. A strategically formulated business growth plan should always be accompanied with a robust mobile app startup. It’s suggested to grow wisely with a precisely developed growth plan that conceptualize the business aspects geographically. Facebook, Airbnb and Uber are the best examples of geographical business growth.

Ventilate Your Business

Money is the oxygen for any business to survive, once it runs out the party is over. There are numerous appreneurs who are bootstrapping for their business. They work extremely hard in their day jobs while working on their MVP. Once their product goes live, the race of generating revenue and business growth begins where expenses are made seamlessly, consequence to which the cash flows out. Here the moment comes when you require a CFO who strategize to eliminate the futile expenses and track the expenses, revenue generation etc.

The Wrapping Note

Beginning with a mobile app development company or an app startup requires a lot of dedication, devotion and courage. All of this is vital while what matters most is the potential of your product. The potential is built only by making efforts and much more. You certainly can curtail or eliminate these challenges by building a properly strengthened & skilled team.

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