July fourth, the Independence Day of United States. On this day, United States of America declared its 13 colonies under one name of the nation. This day has been marked as a great achievement for the country and people celebrate this day of freedom with joy and enthusiasm.

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A powerful country made a strong history with its courage and determination.

Just to make this occasion more worth celebrating giving citizens a feeling of nationhood, there are certain apps that would help you with things needed, providing deliveries and checking availability to cheering up the freedom moment. In fact, you will get a prompt, every time you open your mobile for greetings and making you use the services. Mobile application development is carried out on all the special days to bring in the hearts of people how remarkable the day is.

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These are the applications that would readily help you to celebrate your independence more joyfully.

1. Hotel Tonight

Planning for a staycation? We believe it’s the best day to spend time out in refreshing environments. Hotel Tonight will help you find the perfect place to stay with a wide variety of hotels at affordable rates. It brings you great offers on special days of United States, it also has that rate fluctuation games wherein it is your luck to break a low-cost deal. This application provides heavy discounts on early bookings. So, you now know where to head first for celebrating this night of freedom.


2. Epicurious

This app is good one to indulge in if you want to throw a party for this wonderful occasion. You can prepare speeches and scripts to remember the heroes and respect the nations bond. Celebrating these little moments helps to maintain a work-life balance and the day ends on a happy note. This mobile application offers all the event-related services like food menu, invitation cards, list of music and party venues that you can seek through for this special day.


3. Mixology

This is all about finding a liquor for the occasion, pouring on the mixes with some celebration songs. It also suggests you picnic ideas and recipes you can keep according to the party theme. It also provides you with the reviews of the users who had an experience with the management arrangements. The reviews are genuine and make you aware of the pros and cons thus narrowing down your list to select the best one. Once you choose the cans, the nearby shops are listed where these drinks are available for pick-up or delivery.

Finding a Liquor

4. The Weather Channel

There is one thing you cannot have control on! That is obviously the “beautiful nature” because it is irrespective of any day as there is always an uncertainty factor associated with it. Weather can ruin your plans as well as make them worth enjoying, regardless of how much you prepared for the day. There is only one solution to this problem, which is planning according to the weather forecasting of the day. Have a look at the weather channel’s mobile application service so that you choose a party venue according to the weather conditions. You can also check the weather of the venue you have shortlisted so that you know the firework zone or party place wouldn’t be affected by the uncertain weather.

Weather App

5. Fireworks Arcade

Every special day in the US is not complete if there are no fireworks, especially on the day of independence kids have that spirit of celebrating it seeing the eye-popping fireworks. This mobile application provides you with the real show timings of the fireworks and includes some of the fireworks-related games in the arcade like Fruit Ninja. People can share the photos and videos of the fireworks seen through this application. Fireworks are the most attractive things to see on America’s birthday for sure!


6. Foodie Recipes

Are you a barbeque food lover? then you might be needing this best food delivery App Development Service!! This application will help you find delicious special recipes available on special occasions like the Independence Day of US. It also provides cooking instructions for making a special meal at home. They also offer discounts from nearby restaurants of your locations so that you can easily throw a party! It is free of cost and the iOS mobile app developers have made this exclusively for Apple platform.

Food App

Look in the best mobile applications before you go out to celebrate the day! The top mobile app development companies in the US have not fallen short of making this day well-planned for any individual and enjoy the independence. They always take out the best of opportunities to look forward how can this occasion be celebrated with more facilities.

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