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App Security

WTF (What The Frenzy)! Your App Is Not Secure! How to Enhance App Security!

If the above statement was shocking to you, then you are really in a big dilemma of security of your mobile app. When the...
WWDC 2k18

8 Big Announcements of Day 1 at WWDC 2018

Its an Apple tradition to start with the major announcements in all the functional platforms of the company such as iPad, Apple TV, iPhone,...
AR-based App

Why Mobile App Development Companies of India Are Better Choice For AR-based App

Augmented Reality (AR) is not just a simple technology or invention; this is a wild, futuristic concept, though since this technology has been around...
Internet Consumption

Internet Consumption Reports Shows New Utilizations in 2018

Internet craving trends change as technology changes. There is a big question on how internet consumption is changing platforms. The advancements made in internet...
Voice Assistants

5 Features that Should be Added to Echo and Home

The launch of voice assistants, Echo and Home has emerged as a big competition for users to choose. Some of the features can boost...
WWDC 2018

Worldwide Developers Conference 2k18: Expectations !!!

All the developers must have been alerted from the reminders on their iPhones about the most awaited event of the year from June 4,...
Smart TV apps

All You Need to Know About Smart TV Apps!!!

The mobile app surely has phenomenal series for you but the only constraint is the view of the screen. Technology has moved every industry...
Artificial intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Uses Social Media to Predict Outcomes

Artificial intelligence is gaining importance through its relevance of algorithm being implemented. There are so many things where its involvement can be taken as...
Mobile Apps

Top 10 Mobile Apps you cannot live without in Australia

Many of us may have a false idea about the capital city of Australia having the names Melbourne and Sydney used often in the...

Be aware: Whatsapp blocked contacts might stalk you !!!

With technology development comes security concerns as machines don't understand emotions and have a brain which only reads zeros and ones. Some precautions are...


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