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New Launch of oracle

Oracle’s New Front: Launches 4 new cloud based IoT applications

Oracle has recently launched four cloud based solutions on 13th this month. Expanding its fleet in IoT, the company has said that the new...
IoT applications

Few Helpful Tips to Consider while Developing IoT Applications

Mobile technology has been on a constant swirl right from the day it was initiated as a mere device of communication. The desire to...
mobile app development

Forecast says IoT will have steady Growth in 2018

Internet of things got famous in 2015 but has been talked about for a decade by the intelligent brains now it is being implemented...
Why Internet of Things are still out of reach for startups?

Why Internet of Things are still out of reach for startups?

You must be well-versed with the theory of “Survival of the fittest”, on the same time you must have heard the statement of “A...
IoT application

Top 5 Flourishing IoT’s in 2016

Internet Of Things has really become a topic which is inconceivable i.e. outside of the realm of imagination. It has really pushed the bee...
to mobile trends 2017

Top Mobile Application Development Trends for 2017

Mobile- A name that’s become so common among the modern age society. With over 6.4 billion devices which include (mobile, IoT, Wearables etc.) across...
mobile app

IoT alters our way of living from smart homes to smarter transportations

Technology is gradually redefining how we see life. Mobile app developers are combating each other to emerge as the pioneers in rendering applications that...
Voice Assistants

5 Features that Should be Added to Echo and Home

The launch of voice assistants, Echo and Home has emerged as a big competition for users to choose. Some of the features can boost...

How is technology proving a boon for the sports industry?

  With the help of disruptive technologies, How is technology proving a boon for the sports industry? the sports industry has changed a lot and the...
internet the things

Evaluation of Internet of Things-SWOT Analysis

In most of the organisations, information flows with the acquainted routes. With the help of the proprietary information which are analysed regularly and then...


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