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Pinterest valued at $12.7 billion: IPO official News

Pinterest Valued at $12.7 Billion: IPO Official News

As the only online scrapbook company, Pinterest’s Initial Public offering was set at a whopping value of $12.7 billion on Wednesday. However, the company...
Google and Apple removes TikTok after its ban in India

Google and Apple Removes TikTok After its Ban in India Official News

Google and Apple have finally removed TikTok from their play stores. This is indeed a setback for one of the world’s most used application....
No spying evidence found against Huawei: Belgian Cyber security

No Spying Evidence Found Against Huawei: Belgian Cyber Security

Brussels: Belgium’s center for cybersecurity just made a statement that they haven’t found any evidence against the allegations that were put on Huawei. The...
Walmart and Amazon are turning indian firms into global entrepreneurs

Walmart and Amazon are Turning Indian Firms Into Global Entrepreneurs

The Indo Count Industries of Mumbai is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of home textiles in the United States and European markets. The company...
Mahindra to incorporate Nextledger blockchain from Samsung

Mahindra to Incorporate Nexledger Blockchain from Samsung

On April the 14th, Samsung SDS agreed to cooperate with Mahindra, an Indian based IT tech enterprise to help it enter the foreign black...
Seven Networks files lawsuit on Apple for Infringing 16 patents

Seven Networks files lawsuit on Apple for Infringing 16 patents

Amidst Apple-Qualcomm feud which is inching closer to its conclusion, Apple has been sued by one more company. On this occasion, it’s Seven Networks...
Microsoft’s battle with windows 10 update is not over yet

Microsoft’s Battle with Windows 10 Update is not over yet

Microsoft is all set to launch the latest windows updates but it seems that the company’s problems are not over yet. Firstly it faced...
Twitter is deleting around 7 million accounts per week says Yoel Roth

Twitter is deleting around 7 million accounts per week says Yoel Roth

Social media giant Twitter has been fighting a long time to counter the spread of fake news from various accounts on its platform. Fake...
Microsoft employees confront CEO over company’s ill treatment to women

Microsoft Employees Confront CEO Over Company’s ill Treatment To Women

A few Microsoft employees protested against the company’s inability to stop sexual harassment and gender discrimination as per reports of Wired. As per wired,...
AI-powered tech offering: ‘Glance’ at your Smartphone

AI-powered tech offering: ‘Glance’ at your Smartphone

We have numerous platforms to deliver content in a variety of Indian languages; however, most organize technologies that have been adapted to server local...


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