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Virus on Your Smartphone? Zap it Away Now!

Virus on Your Smartphone? Zap it Away Now!

Due to the widespread popularity of Android smartphones and iPhones, you can see them being used in almost every individual’s hand. However, apart from...
Mobile Development Process

Mobile App Development Life-Cycle Stages

Today smartphones serve as the template for every basic function that we carry out everyday. We refer to our smart devices for almost everything...
mobile app development company

Mobile OS that bowed out in the Market

All the companies in electronics market are well established and are capable of coming up with an individual operating system and they did too...

Flutter Will Soon Transform the Mobile App Development Sector

If you have come to this page while searching the benefits of Flutter for mobile app development, then this is certainly the right place. Most...

WhatsApp Surprising Features Going to Hit the Market in 2019

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging app with over 1.5 billion users across the globe. Over the years, the Facebook-owned app has...
mobile app development

Fluper, A Top Mobile App Development Company at Top App Creators

When two-way service is obtained from a single platform, it is advisable to approach the same platform for multi purposes. Here the blog is...
Swift Vs C

Swift versus Objective-C: The answer is crystal clear

The technology becomes successful that can think beyond the same wavelength As far as innovative mobile technology is concerned, it not only depends on the...
mobile app

Is Artificial Intelligence a challenge to human Grey Cells or a friendly fusion of...

A much talked about computer wiring decked with artificial intelligence in the guise of humanoids portray a future predominant by the new species, which...
Smart Practices to Keep Users Engaged with your App

Smart Practices to Keep Users Engaged with your App

Ensure great performance In a study, it is revealed that more than 20% of the apps are used only for once and abandoned thereafter....
Is the App You Are Installing is Safe

Is the App You Are Installing is Safe?

Wait… are you installing an app in your system? Is it safe? Have you checked the authenticity of the mobile app? No, then maybe...


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