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Mock Politicians with Mobile Apps

Full Fun: Mock Politicians with These Mobile Apps

Time and era is changing and along with time mindset of people have also changed, there was a time when virtual games like Mario,...

WWDC 2017: Enlisting some predictions at Apple’s big developer event Keynote

Irrespective whether iOS app developers or general folk, everyone is equally excited about Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC 2017 which is going to begin tonight...
Social Media

Your Favorite Social Pass time May Lead You to Depression

Any individual who routinely uses online networking will have had the experience of feeling desirous of the fun their companions all appear to have....
Google’s PNG Security Bug Puts Android Phones at Risk!

Google’s PNG Security Bug Puts Android Phones at Risk!

Recently Google is slammed by security experts because the vulnerability has disclosed related to Android phones. In Google’s February security update, it is revealed...
Apple Reprimands Facebook Nullifying its Ability to Text Apps

Apple Reprimands Facebook, Nullifying its Ability to Test Apps

As per the resources, Facebook Inc. is gathering data; Apple Inc. invalidated the main set of testing utilities that the social networking corporation utilizes...
nokia 3310

Nokia Made an Impressive Comeback by Reincarnating Nokia 3310

The Finnish company, Nokia has brought its exceptional gizmo of its times around 17 years ago. Now after its numerous doldrums with several alliances the...
Google Update

Google Android Wear 2.0: Update is Ready for Rock-n-Roll

Finally, it’s here the update for the Google’s OS for wearables, the Android Wear 2.0, with its all charm and glory. After months of...
Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat

Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat

If there's one thing the youth desires, it's a cool platform with wonderful features to post pictures and share videos online. After all, it's...
Accenture’s Automation Software is Eliminating 40,000 Jobs

Accenture’s Automation Software is Eliminating 40,000 Jobs

The global management consulting company & professional services firm Accenture has developed proprietary automation software that is known as SynOps. According to researchers, it...

Biggest Fine on Google under New EU Law!

Recently, the DPA (Data Protection Authority) of French discovered a lack of transparency on how Google harvests and utilizes personal data for ad-targeting reasons....


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