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Microsoft Plans to Conquer Tech World with Its New Wand!

In the event of speculating the might of AI, we have come across the interview of Tech Giant Microsoft’s Corporate VP Andrew Shuman, who...
Mock Politicians with Mobile Apps

Full Fun: Mock Politicians with These Mobile Apps

Time and era is changing and along with time mindset of people have also changed, there was a time when virtual games like Mario,...
Governments are Useless

Governments are Useless? But these Apps are telling Different Stories

It has been inculcated in the minds of almost every Indian citizen that governments come into power just to enjoy and exploit people but...
International Worker’s Day

What Mobile apps have to offer on the occasion of International Worker’s Day?

                              “There is nothing laudable in work for work’s sake”                              ...
Apple tenth Anniversary

It’s Apple tenth anniversary!!! What surprises are awaited?

As far as early rumours are concerned, iPhone 8 is the tenth generation smartphone that is expected to introduce something radical. The journey of...
Android Pay

Now PayPal is also facilitated on Android Pay!

Google is like an ever expanding universe which has been invading all the walks of life consistently without fail. In its another step of...

After Tesla, Elon Musk is Ready to Tickle Your Brain!

Elon Musk, an innovative mind behind the most transformative ventures like Tesla, SpaceX is now going to surprise you with another powerful and stunning...
6 month

Commemorating the Moments of Semi-Annual Journey of Collective Succession

Fluper Ltd., one of the leading mobile app & web design and development company that is known for its most promising and leading services,...
ipad app development

2017 iPad vs iPad Air 2:A Comparative Study

This time Apple has maintained a low volume affair to launch its new iPad in online stores. Keeping it simple, this model is expected...

Spirit of Colours Exclusively on Mobile Apps by Unique Offers and Discounts

Recently Jet Airways has depicted the truest sense of Indian spirit with privileged offers on all direct flights from Singapore to terminals in India...


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