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Mobile App Marketing

Mobiles and smartphones have made their place in 70% household already. Applications are increasing in numbers day by day. And they will increase in future also. As every business is now making an application. So mobile app marketing is one of the profitable thing for your app. At fluper we understand this requirement of every business owner and write on various ways a mobile application can be marketed. We research, talk to marketers and then make a guide of these tactics and different ways.

Though we give mobile app development services and not its marketing service, but we always read and find new better methods to market the applications we make for our clients. These mobile app marketing methods are very useful and have been proven by industry experts also.

In this category you will get guides on marketing of applications (Android, iOS etc) along with videos and infographics to get more customers and high ROI from your application.

Eat home with Uber Eats: Your Food on wheels

‘Your ride is on the way’- a very common message any Uber rider is quite familiar with. The demand for on-demand service providers is...

WhatsApp Bans 2 Million Accounts in a Month

If you are the one, who used to send bulk messages for any reason on WhatsApp, then it’s time to stop here. This is...

You get to pick the OS but not the Browser: Chrome or Safari?

The desktop world showcases browsers like internet explorer, firefox, safari, and chrome but all that we hear are just two names chrome and safari....
iPhone in 2019! What to Expect and What Not to

iPhone in 2019! What to Expect and What Not to

Each year when Apple announces its newest batch of iPhones we expect to see new hardware and full of features. 2018 was undoubtedly a...

The Next Big thing in Mobile Technology: AR and VR

Every mobile app developers in the industry are likely to get loaded with use and implementation of AR and VR based applications and source...
IoT applications

Few Helpful Tips to Consider while Developing IoT Applications

Mobile technology has been on a constant swirl right from the day it was initiated as a mere device of communication. The desire to...
mobile app

8 Popular Social Media Apps offer the safe haven for Abusers: Cyber-Bullying not restricted...

Not long ago did the world witness a series of messages filling up the Facebook timelines. These anonymous messages were coming through Sarahah, an...
Grow your Small Business through User-Friendly Mobile App

Grow your Small Business through User-Friendly Mobile App

Do I need a mobile app? Why should I spend time & money on mobile app development? Well, if such questions are running in...
app development company

Dare you!!! Spend A Day Without your Smartphones and Laptops.

Hey ready for the challenge!! Pretty Scary!! I know, but can we, if taken up the challenge, actually imagine passing even a single waking hour...

Effective Ways to Market Your App in 2019

It’s true that it takes blood and sweat to build an awesome mobile app for the best app developers but what is the...


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