Rational Motive Behind Mobile App Crash


Recently a Bug in iOS victimised via pranked which aimed at freaking iPhone and iPad by influencing the power of simple flag, text and rainbow emojis’ as well. The bug has two discrepancies. One of them includes a string of white flag emojis, a rainbow and a zero and sprung up with the hidden character which has been defined as the variation selector, which can be replicated into an iMessage conversation and can be sent anyone.

The other is embedded with the string into contact, sync with the contact list which can be shared through iCloud Drive to an iMessage contact. Although both the string crashed iPhone as well as iPads with the variable degrees. The text string sent through the standard iPhone appeared to affect the entire iOS version of 10.1 or below covering iPhones and iPads. The string which affected the entire version of iOS version including the latest iOS 10.2 crashed by booby-trapped contact card. Such an intensity of the app crash is hated when it freezes for a couple of seconds. It can be reached up-to the extent of uninstall it. Whether the target audience is consumers or the enterprise crowds, notwithstanding the satisfaction is the quickest route to be frozen out. But what are the reasons behind the mobile apps crash:

Ineffective memory management

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Memory management is the biggest problem. An app might have saturated memory resources or maybe running on a device where too many apps are opened at the same time. So, it is quite essential to establish good relationship between the software and the app ecosystem.

Mobile devices have limited storage which can reach to the level of saturation and still there is a high probability to get the app crashed. The user might run into the bugs although the greater part of the device is still left as a storage capacity. For instance recent device such as Moto E which is a low-end device has been accommodating 8GB built-in-storage and the most essential part is covered by the system itself. Although the main strategy utilised by the users to free up the storage is to begin with the app uninstalling, but in case of music apps , then the users might not be able to find where the files are stored. Hence for a visual display of where the memory is going, then DiskUsage can be used which would conveniently demonstrate the file size and location as well.

So, in order to manage the ineffective memory, top iOS app development companies can do various things to leverage objective-c to manage the prevalent memory issues.

Software lifecycle

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The repetitions of app development process, with the constant series of new inventions and innovations opens the market with the MVP and then getting more vigorous over the time leading to creation of audience. But the loss is intensified the most when the traditional software lifecycle is introduced with the important complications state of relying on the third party APIs and operating systems as well.

Similarly apps have heaved in popularity, businesses have realized this funda and even considered this as “mobile first” mantra and represents with a major channel for reaching the customers as well as conducting the business. It has been conceived as the first priority as far as new products, services, and strategies are concerned. But the trouble starts when IT departments are not able to deliver mobile apps on the basis of the performance.

The way mobile and cloud computing has grown which has eventually increased the use of the Third –party service affiliation with the affiliated APIs. Although API problem specification enable mobile app developer to write any other additional fields that would further clarify the issue and also the reason why it has occurred.

Less comprehensive testing

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Although the need of testing is quite inevitable, it enables to get coverage, but more than requisite resources particularly plethora of android version, can be sort of challenging as well. Although there are simulators. There are various services that works with the pairing of different devices on operating services as well but the chances are likely to be rather expensive than simulators.

So while conducting test it must be performed against the industry standard keeping in mind the benchmarks set by the industry as per the user experience. This testing should be unobjectionable not only to the mobile app developer but also users as well. In order to enumerate on the list top mobile application development companies, there should be continuous testing of the app since the tolerance level of the users have reduced with the other competitive app. Hence the performance should be monitored regularly along with the feedback the real-time problems faced by the user and then fixing the issues as soon as possible.

Incompetent network management

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As far as issues are concerned apps are increasingly dependent on either data or on the third party services. When there is a change in the network, causing to go from either 3G to 2G or vice versa, then the most important issues which spring-up is responsiveness, when the user is trying to get some sort of data and waiting for the same response.

One way to alleviate the problems is to make the users aware regarding the connectivity. If the user is aware about the reason of temporary condition that is beyond the control, then they are more likely to remain calm.

Improper handling of errors and exceptions

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When it comes to unexpected change of API or even a memory problem that avoids previous detection, or a mishandling of network management. But proper handling of the errors and exception can alleviate the errors. Proper coding app can be expected to terminate this process of activity with informing the user regarding the error.

These are the issues that cause the app to freeze down and due to the low level of tolerance, users are more likely to uninstall it. Hence this is the sole responsibility of the mobile app developer to understand these issue and users should be informed accordingly.

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