This time Apple has maintained a low volume affair to launch its new iPad in online stores. Keeping it simple, this model is expected to replace iPad Air 2 but retained its 9.7 inch screen.

In a sheer announcements on Tuesday, Apple proclaimed a new 9.7 inch iPad that is expected to join the two iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 model. The new iPad is expected to be the most affordable iPad till date which will be hitting the market, starting at Rs. 28900 which is in contrast to iPad Mini 4 which has although smaller retina display costs approximately Rs.31299

The new 9.7-inch iPad resembles to iPad Air 2. Hence while comparing external appearance, it’s quite difficult to create a comparative study. Although we have branched the specifications into few segments.

2017 iPad vs iPad Air 2: Overall gap between 2017 iPad and iPad Air 2

Although iPad Air 2 , more often not favoured by regular users, but is most prominent choice for technocrats.

Although as far as network infrastructure is concerned, it does not demonstrate the major difference. iPad Air 2 released on October 2014 and 9.7 inch iPad has been introduced on March 21, 2017. As far as camera is concerned, iPad Air 2 has 8 MP rear shooter, but the iPad is not convenient enough to capture video in a family function. In case you are concerned about size and weight, then iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm thick with battery of 27.3 watt-hour i.e. smaller battery, whereas 2017 9.7 iPad is 7.5 mm thick with the battery worth 32.9 Watt-hour.

2017 iPad vs iPad Air 2: Reparability in favour of 2017 iPad

Now that reparability is no more a tension in 2017, iPad which is somewhat similar to previous construction with a distinct glass panel but with LED display. Whereas iPad Air 2 is a fully laminated display that comes along with an additional anti-reflective coating. This helps in reduction of reflection and ensures picture clarity but in case of fixing up the display, 2017 iPad does not look for entire display removal to assemble.

2017 iPad vs iPad Air 2: Retina Display and Resolution

iPad Air 2 that was introduced with 9.7inch Retina Display along with the resolution of 2048*1536pixels , or in other words 264ppi. While the latest introduced 9.7 inch iPad ensures the same size of display and resolution.

2017 iPad vs iPad Air 2:Hardware and Software

2017 iPad although boasts a faster A9 processors as compared to iPad Air 2 that featured an processor worth A8X along with M8 motion co-processor. With this processor boost, a remarkable difference is expected over iPad Air 2. As far as software is concerned, both the devices will run over iOS 10 which means that you will be deriving the same experience across the two models.

2017 iPad vs iPad Air 2: Storage and connectivity

The new iPad has received the same storage options as in case of iPad Air 2 i.e. 32GB and 128GB. Although microSD is quite common across all Apple devices but not available here. Users have the option between Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus cellular connectivity.

In case you are concerned about the colours the latest model of iPad will be available in Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

Although it was a low-key affair on 21 March 2017. Hopefully this strategy might have worked in favour of Apple. The big difference between 2017 iPad and iPad Air 2 is the price which proved to quite aggressive in part of Apple. The company has although put a halt in all the retro style iPad models in order to modulate its existence with the current new models. Hence iPad has maintained familiarity of 9.7 inch display with the drastic reduction in price. So with this new introduction, this will hopefully have a trickle down impact from startups to top iPad application development companies.

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