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What do you know about Inventory and inventory control?

Any business operation will have a long list of inventories which is nothing more than the raw materials, work-in-progress products and finished ones that together form the organization’s valuable assets that are meant for sale. The pile of inventories is one of the key source for company’s revenue generation and subsequent earnings for it’s shareholders.

Imagine having a Mobile Application for your business which will manage your stockpile for you??

Using mobile devices such as mobile computers to track and monitor company’s valuable assets is definitely not a new concept. However, this concept is not void of any expense. Presently, technology has launched mobile applications that function on the same concept, similar to the mobile computers, on your smart phone devices. All you need is to just install a suitable app on your handset. This particular app is easily affordable for businesses of all sizes.

However, not all organisations require an extra handy device to manage their business operations. They can easily keep a track on their existing assets and manage their inventories using desktop computers.

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But certain organisations do require an helping hand to reduce loss caused by human errors thereby increasing their business efficiencies.

How can a particular Mobile Application manage your assets and control inventories??

There is a certain Mobile Application that offers the perfect technology which an enterprise can harness successfully to generate revenue from its’ lying stock and have a proper control over the company’s inventory. The particular Application is Instant Inventory. Check it’s function below in the link.

It is important to understand the benefits an enterprise can draw from a particular mobile application in this particular field.

Benefits drawn from Inventory Management Smartphone Application:

  • Managing stock in the field-

It is not necessary that you stock all your inventories at one particular place. They may be distributed in different locations, such as usable stocks on the job sites, client sites, in the service vans or any other out of the office places. This is critically important for your employees to track inventory use, restocking and relocation on-site. It is quite obvious that your employees may forget to update the database that is maintained to track the stock movement within or outside your office premise. Having a Smartphone Application can solve this issue. It also serves as a record, consisting of the detailed information on a particular product or asset and can be referred back in future if required.

  • Tracking assets inside or outside the office premise-

If you need to track your out-of-the-office assets, employees must have an option to record any changes on the spot such as recording any mobile asset that has been borrowed by an employee or have been returned, or relocated or send for repairment etc. Mobile apps can solve this issue.

  • Data access and collection-

You can easily scan the equipment’s Barcode to access necessary information about the particular equipment before installation to prevent any accidents or costly mistakes during or after the installation. The technician can also fill up a form on its smart device to eliminate data misplacement and will ensure locating service records in future.

  • Conducting asset audits-

It is important to investigate whether all your assets are accounted for or whether you have any damaged or obsolete asset lying in your warehouse. Manually conducting this task can be highly tedious and may involve errors. Mobile Application comes in handy during such times. This saves a lot of time too.

  • Traceability for quality control-

Employees can easily trace out the detailed record of each stage of a particular product using the application by scanning the barcode or QR code of the particular product. This is useful in reviewing the product performance and the product can be removed from the process if any defect or glitch appears during it’s life cycle. This ensures quality control of the business operation.

  • Inventory counting and evaluation-

It is crucial for an organisation to count it’s stocks lying in the warehouse and manual calculation can involve human errors. Using physical catalogue count software on smartphones do the actual counting process. Multiple employees can scan inventory in their designated areas, and submit data to the server for processing.

  • Assets Maintenance, service and inspection-

Identify equipment that require maintenance or servicing by scanning the barcode and fill out the suitable form, attached with the equipment’s photo with the form and store it securely in the drive.

Maintaining records.

  • Saves time and cost effective-

If most of the above-mentioned functions can be easily conducted using a simple smart phone application, then it not only saves a lot of time but it is also highly cost effective in the sense that any grave mistakes or error caused by human interception can be easily avoided. Moreover it ensures a better utilisation of it’s available human resources.

  • Simple to use and implement-

This particular application is similar to any other mobile apps and relieves the employees from a huge workload and also it saves money and reduces any kind of expense that occurs due to any loss caused by human error. From database management to receiving orders and reporting, each and every function is carried out in real time and with high accuracy.

Summing Up

We can give a few examples of Inventory Management Mobile Applications for Android Phone:

  • Asset & Inventory Tracker
  • Cashier Live
  • Cin7 Inventory & POS
  • Canvas Inventory Apps
  • Inventory Droid
  • JumpStock etc.

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