Technology has paved its own path since its evolution and today it has become one of the significant parts of our lives. From healthcare, education, hotel, to mobile app development companies, everyone has immensely affected by it. You must have heard the term, Blockchain, right? Just like the Internet, Blockchain is another disruptive technology that has already gained a huge attention within the last few years.

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Therefore, today I am going put some light on its role in bringing the transformation in games. But, before that, let’s begin with a little introduction of Blockchain.

A Brief Introduction of Blockchain

Blockchain is the data structure, which is related to a set of algorithms for storing, distributing, and accessing data. Different computer programs access the protocols of Blockchain to make sure that all the information is accessible securely. The reason calling it an absolutely reliable network is because of its distributed architecture. The technology authenticates and executes the transactions, including documents, cryptocurrency, etc. There is no need for any intermediary in conducting any kind of transaction. This is the key reason why Blockchain is popular among organizations across the globe.

Now, how these features can be beneficial to the gaming industry is the next exciting thing to know.  So, let’s proceed to our next section without any further ado.

Blockchain Revolutionizing Gaming World

For Players

Many mobile app developers, more specifically gaming app developers are still confused about the use of Blockchain. One of the obvious reasons for integrating Blockchain technology into gaming is to give cryptocurrency based rewards, give more options to purchase a game or its upgraded version. However, Blockchain can do a lot more as mentioned.

  • Collaboration

Role-playing adventure games allow you to build cohorts or teams, in order to accomplish the quests. With the help of Blockchain, you can revolutionize your time investment by getting the game-playing skills to become a game master. This is not new and already happening in numerous industries.  Moreover, Blockchain can even assist the professionals to grow by helping the game masters in new or existing MMORPGs.

The collaboration of Blockchain-based cryptocurrency results in simpler payment collection, easy distribution of prizes, etc. It allows you to send loans or gifts to the team members without going out from the game environment. In short, this technology provides a way to negotiate and interact with multiple players in a direct manner (inside the game). You don’t need to take the help from game’s app developer, your bank, the game software or even the online host as a middleman. Hence, provides you with freedom and flexibility.

  • Profitability

Some serious gamers can collect several in-game rewards. Traditionally, the gaming rewards used to vanish the moment you log out. This means they can be only used in an individual game. Not only this, once you reached the highest level, they weren’t good to give you much.

Blockchain architecture targets these issues properly and enables you to keep the rewards with you. With this technology integration, it is possible to use them as you want. Use your rewards in the game, keep them as an investment, spend them in the game store or convert them into cryptocurrency or fiat, the choice is yours.

As a matter of fact, gaming has turned into a profession in the esports nowadays. Moreover, in the upcoming years, you will see gaming becoming a career option, rather than a hobby. All this is possible with Blockchain. There will be several game app developers and more tournaments with rewards will be announced.

  • Growth

You can utilize the Blockchain wallet for investing in your success as a player. In fact, you can easily double-down on the game you play, upgrades, and purchase options. Blockchain will even let you to add the expert players. You can utilize the earned rewards, in order to skip the previous opening levels.

It is possible to examine the moves of good players, saved automatically in the Blockchain database. This analysis will allow you to get some benefit in gaming. Without the Blockchain technology, a hugely accepted cryptocurrency like investments is restricted only to a single game, ecosystem, or publisher. Some key features of Blockchain, such as verification, freedom, and openness makes it an ideal technology to get through the barriers.

For Game Developers

Game Developers

As a developer, you can build games that are compelling. We all know that players always are drawn to the game that gives them meaningful rewards, rather than in-game trophies. They will put in extra efforts, in order to attain milestones. No matter, you are going for iOS or Android app development; always try to use strategies that are unique from the older methods. Your aim should not only to have fans, but enthusiastic collaborators and gamers who can help in creating new adventures for the other gamers. This is one of the major reasons why cryptocurrency startups or established organizations are following GameCredits in this gaming world.

The technology even supports to be more creative. By using an in-game economy, which collaborates with the real-world currency, you can pick multiple options that never made practical sense previously. Blockchain permits your users to gather for developing their own mobile games.

You don’t have to put your credit card number or PayPal ID. It is feasible to add several features without any need of breaking the spell, which gamers’ desire and developers work hard to maintain.

It is your wish, whether you want to make those gaming worlds enticing and capture the attention of users. It is advisable to look for a software development kit, which enables you to add the Blockchain technology. Also, hire app developers that have precise knowledge of this technology. If you develop a more compelling game, the players would buy more add-ons and upgrades.

The Bottom Line

Blockchain technology has the potential to affect almost every sector. This is why it has become the key topic of discussion among entrepreneurs. Its impact on the gaming industry can be huge if implemented properly. In the above blog, I have discussed the key benefits of the Blockchain in gaming industry. You can even contact a mobile app development company if required.


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