Resolution One: I will live for God. Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will 

Jonathan Edwards

Guys its May, Are you still adhere to the New year resolutions? In case you have stumbled to be more dedicated or in a quest to get fit, there is no reason to give up altogether until January 1st 2018. According to 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately 35 percent of the resolution makers more likely to abandon their resolutions after a month.  What it looks to reassess and get back on track which can be achieved with the help of apps that help to stick the resolutions. It offers the best way to get yourself motivated with constant reminders or guilt tripping via apps. Hats off to the innovation! For every resolution there is a ready mobile app which is as effective to chase you were intending initially:

Resolution 1: Spending money responsibly

Although it sounds quite granny, smartphones are changed with landscape while doing pretty much everything in life where saving money is no longer exception. Although there are innumerable apps with the ultimate role of helping the users to save. It looks for the matter to dig them out and finding out which one are the best among the rest.

Spending money responsibly

Monzo is significantly a hybrid between a budgeting app and a prepaid credit card. So, join the thousands of users who have used Monzo in more than 150 countries in order to become a part of the banking revolution. But what features make this app worth comparable:

  • It sends instant notifications as soon as payment is made.
  • To track how much you are spending
  • In case you lose it, Monzo Card can be frozen and defrost it as soon as you find it.
  • Since it monitors the spending habits, you will be welcomed with intelligent insights.
  • Even money can be easily sent instantly to any other Monzo user.
  • It can be top with another debit card or even by bank transfer
  • Your Monzo card can easily be used in abroad in the same way as you would be doing at home. It looks for no additional fees and the wholesale Mastercard exchange Rate can be received.
  • No fees or additional cost in UK or abroad.  

Resolution 2: Giving priority to health

Irrespective whether it is five pounds or 50 pounds, it’s high time to keep an eye on the health. It is although universal truth, “Health is Wealth” and you are already through to the parade of health treat but something which really makes you struggle into when you are diving into the bowl of cheese Pasta instead of Soup. So, to prioritise your health, there should be strict eye on the food intake, so all you need is to check on the diet with the help of mobile apps.

Giving priority to health

Here, myfitnesspal come into the picture which is the fastest yet easiest to use calorie counter. It covers the largest database, it helps with fast as well easy food and exercise entry which will help to shed off the extra pounds.  

What features really make it worth comparable?

    • Sign up with no strings attached.
    • Diet and exercise can be tracked in less than 5 minutes.
    • It covers the largest database as far as any iPhone calorie counter is concerned and increasing daily.
    • It comes with the fastest as well as easiest food entry
    • It can be connected with more than 50 devices as well as apps including app health, Jawbone, Fitbit, UP, Garmin, Runtastic, Misfit, Withing and many more!
    • Recipe importer
  • In-built step tracker

Resolution 3: Hold-in your mobile addiction

Although this won’t be considered under excuse if you are like most busy professionals, although it can be difficult to tear yourself away from the mobile screen. When apps, social media and email at your fingertips, you will more likely be distracted from the mobile world. But app can be used to unplug, that can be considered as counterintuitive since we are into the age when apps are quite ubiquitous, but it really does make sense to fight fire with fire.

Hold-in your mobile addiction

BreakFree which is although considered to be a revolutionary app in order to maintain the controlled digital lifestyle which tracks not only the phone but app utilisation as well. The apps help you to guide the controlling of app phone utilisation with the visually appearing characters, statistics as well as graphs with the set of customisable tools which helps to curb the phone utilisation during offtime.

Features which really make it worth comparing.

  • Non-intrusive notifications
  • Usage monitoring
  • Phone management tools
  • Utilisation of statistics
  • Parental Control  

Resolution 4: Quit Smoking

Apart from a compulsive phone-checker, but there is an addiction which is detrimental to health. It is quite difficult to test as well as smoke at the same time, even the mobile phone app can put down the cigarette utilisation. Hence apart from the additional motivation in the form of meditation, a stop-smoking app can be supplemented with QuitNow.

Quit Smoking

QuitNow is a community over 2 million wonderful people who have managed to quit smoking and by encouraging messages using by our chat.  How is it different from other?

  • It will inform the time since the last drag.
  • Number of cigarettes that have not yellowed the fingers.
  • The money that you have managed to save, can be invested in that pony of your niece.
  • As per the World Health Organisation indicators, it monitors the evolution of the health improvement.
  • It enables you to share the achievements with friends on social network.  

Resolution 5: Stress Management

Although stress take a toll on productivity, hence managing the stress is a skill that everyone must develop irrespective whether it’s a daily battle or occasional flare. Although hats off to the appreneurs and mobile application development companies that are working hard to create an app reckoned by the concept embedded with daily lives of people.

Pacifica is a daily tool to nullify the stress as well as anxiety which is based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as Meditation. What features really make it worth comparable?

  • Stories, advice and more can be shared with peer-support community.
  • With mindfulness meditations, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, it came wide variety of relaxation techniques.
  • Guided by self-help paths
  • It enables to track mood as well as health
  • It enables to set challenges in order to reach the long-term goals. Negative thoughts can be questioned apart from changing the thinking pattern.
  • Tracking of progress.

Hence, the way mobile app development is invading which has really made the resolution to be brought into the track. Fluper is also trying very hard to create the most path-breaking yet social welfare app not only to increase the will-power but also eradication of bad habits as well.

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