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UX Case Study

Taxi Booking

Bolt is one of the most efficient and comfortable, one-stop solutions for taxi booking and gives quick and secure rides at a reasonable fare.

Tools Used:

About Client

Bolt is a leading mobility super-app offering comfortable rides. They started the business to fight for smart cities and against private vehicles. The app will be able to offer a better alternative to the passengers. The application runs on high-end functionalities offering ride-hailing, shared cars, and scooters.

At an obvious point the app conifers the target users that do not require the personal vehicle to travel. For instance, the people traveling the same distance and time every day, or the people looking for short rides in the city from one point to another just need a helpful means of transport.

Bolt is willing to build a future city where people do not need to suffer with the transport system, everyone will, be able to reach comfortably to their destinations. At Bolt, the team strives to ensure that people should no longer feel forced around to get a car for a comfortable commute. Even, everyone will travel at ease in care without any breakage in consistency. Bolt wants every user to feel freedom in demand for comfortable transportation in minutes. The app has been globalized and popular among many countries because of the perfection in services and user experience it has delivered.

Client Requirements REQUIRE

Here are the top requirements proposed by the client for the project:

Live tracking: The users feel bored until they have something to do. Live tracking gives time for the passenger to get prepared and feel at ease with knowledge about the location of the driver.

Best marketing: Tons of features proposed to make an app successful are useless until users know about the new app in the market, and awareness comes under promotion & marketing.

Variant availability: As much as users get the variation, they get more engaged. Bolt asked us to integrate features to present different models of the cars, visually too for the availability.

Wallet integration: People look for a sleek method to pay and move quickly in this running world. Payment and wallet integration with complete safety, security, and protection in the app.

Immediate contact: The app must be integrated with the contact details of the driver so that the passenger will be able to contact the driver through call or text via inbuilt texting or device.

App Features

Bolt is designed to deliver a different experience loaded with wonderful features. The most comfortable ride in a few clicks is delivered by Bolt with the help of integrated functionalities.

User registration and login

Users can create a personal account to book a ride, view ride history, and manage payment information.

GPS-based tracking

The app uses GPS technology to detect the user's location and find available drivers nearby.

Ride booking and scheduling

Users can book a ride for immediate pick-up or schedule a ride for a future date and time.

Fare estimation

The app provides an estimate of the fare for the ride based on the distance and time required for the trip.

Driver profiles and ratings

Users can view driver profiles, including their ratings and reviews from other users, before selecting a driver for their ride.

In-app messaging and calling

Users can communicate with their driver through in-app messaging or calling to confirm ride details, ask for directions, or inform them of any changes to the ride.

Payment integration

The app integrates with payment gateways to allow users to pay for their rides using their preferred payment methods, such as a credit card or digital wallet.

Ride history and receipts

Users can view their ride history, including previous rides and receipts, for future reference or reimbursement purposes.

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Fluper is one of the fastest emerging mobile app development companies, serving different niches according to their requirements and challenges ahead. The team at Fluper unites skills and expertise introducing the best software design and development strategies inspired by trends in the marketplace.

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Challenges We Faced

There are several challenges developers face in the development process, here are the challenges that came while building the Deliveroo app.
Challenge No.1: Introducing smart and sleek UI

Bolt is a ride-sharing and taxi booking app built up with a concept o many elements managed on a single screen along with a clear view of maps too. Presenting the different ride options to the user and engaging it by keeping the UI simpler.

How We Resolved : We gathered a team of world-class researchers and UI designers, our concept designers work with graphic experts introducing a rich user interface.
Challenge No.2: How to do App Promotion

Listed applications on the play store and app store are not able to reach the users until they are marketed. Due to high competition, we had to make the app reach the users and hold them.

How We Resolved : We dedicatedly worked on the user interface and put major efforts into the way the app navigates from one step to another. We created strategies to help Bolt reach the maximum amount of users.


Bolt is a reputed taxi booking application in the market allowing users to enjoy cab sharing and booking for comfortable and simpler rides. The app is extremely popular across the countries getting Bolt with a robust customer base.

Technology Stack

We use the best tech stack for our application development projects. Spcecifaccly ordering and booking apps like Bolt require a specifically engaging and sleeker user interface so we take care of the tools and frameworks used in the projects at Fluper.

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Bolt operates in both the United States and Canada. The business has a variety of service categories and levels,
and it has specifications for vehicles that drivers must abide by.