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Officially, Flutter has surpassed other Cross-platform development frameworks in popularity across a range of sectors, including the automotive. Many major automobile businesses like Toyota, and BMW using Flutter app Development. Flutter gives the feel of a native language and it has many technical advantages for which businesses of all sizes, from large corporations with extensive development teams to fledgling startups, may profit from this framework. Building visually appealing, highly functional, scalable apps for several platforms—including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, the web, and mac OS—is simple with Flutter. Even any Flutter App Developer agrees that working with Flutter is a breeze. In the automobile industry, especially the vehicle-app needs very smooth user experiences and high performance. The high-performing rendering engine of Flutter prompts the automobile giant BMW and Toyota using Flutter for app Development.

The growing popularity of Flutter:

Why is BMW using Flutter app Development

Flutter gains so much popularity over other cross-platform frameworks like React Native, and Xamarin that it has reached 2 million users within two years of its released.

As per the records of Statistica, Flutter has ranked second most widely used cross-platform Framework by Mobile App Developers after React Native.

If you go to the Flutter vs React Native comparison, you’ll see flutter users increased from 30% to 39% whereas the react users remained fixed at 42%.

Because of its growing popularity and high performance, the automobile giant BMW and Toyota using Flutter for app Development of their vehicle app.

Why Flutter is the best choice for Automobile app development?

  • It has an inbuilt graphic engine that aids developers to make a single interface for both android and iOS.
  • Flutter uses Dart programming language for app development. Any Flutter App Developer can write more structured programming codes with Dirt by using its key features like strong typing, async-awaiting, garbage collection and rich standard library. It allows them to tailor the UI layout of the app and craft platforms, widgets and structures that can be reused easily.
  • It offers a native app feel for app development in any OS as it is quite similar to Java script.
  • The Hot Reload features of Flutter help a Flutter App Developer to add source code revisions easily to an already-running application. It makes easy the tedious task of the compilation process easy by saving a considerable amount of time. It also trims down the time for testing and speeds up the time-to-market (TTM).
  • This high-performance cross-platform app framework provides the native app feeling while working on a different operating system as it has a performance speed of producing 60 frames per second (fps) which is the same compared with native apps (java/Swift).
  • The Code reusability (80%) feature of Flutter makes it ideal for deploying the app on multiple OS with a single code.
  • Flutter has the widgets of a high-performing rendering engine that provides faster, quicker and highly flexible code-reusability.
  • The Hot reload featureof Flutter allows the developers and the testers to create and check the quality of the application faster.  It saves both development costs and time.
  • Flutter has pre-made widgets that are created and tested by Google. Hence, a Flutter App Developer can easily use those widgets for developing custom UI rather than making it with Javascript and JSX of React. It gives an outstanding end-user experience to automobile app users.
  • Flutter can work on six different types of OSAndroid, iOS, Blackberry, Linux, Windows and Linux-based Google Fuchsia.
  • Moreover, flutter provides the support of its huge global community of developers and Google also. This allows the developers to solve many critical problems using flutter more innovatively.

Why is BMW using Flutter app Development?

Why is BMW using Flutter app Development

The car-companion app of BMW has always given priority to the iOS version of the connected app BMW & MINI. In 2018, they find that the dissimilarities between iOS and Android apps have increased long. They decided to deliver the connected app BMW and Mini of the same functionality to all users regardless of mobile OS without significantly raising the cost.

Flutter offered them the opportunity to write the same codebase for all the platforms. After trying some other cross-platform frameworks, they found Flutter is only compatible to produce a responsive app on the scale that BMW wants on different platforms. Now, switching to Flutter, gives BMW a delightful user base of BMW and Mini apps that are experiencing more consistent and faster applications than earlier ones.

This is the reason, why the automobile giant BMW using Flutter app Development.

Why is Toyota using Flutter for app Development?

Why is Toyota using Flutter for app Development

Toyota recently revealed that Flutter would power their future infotainment systems for vehicles to provide the finest digital experience available highest from one of the biggest automakers in the world.

Toyota customers anticipate an in-vehicle user experience that is as high-performing as the general quality of Toyota vehicles. Toyota gets the constancy it seeks in an in-vehicle solution via Flutter’s rendering engine and capabilities like AOT compilation, which work well in a limited setting. Toyota gets the consistency it seeks in an in-vehicle solution via Flutter’s rendering engine and capabilities like AOT compilation, which work well in a limited setting.

Toyota can deliver an in-car user experience that is online with what customers have come to anticipate from their smartphones because of Flutter. Toyota steers clear the sluggish performance and unpleasant user interface that are common in many consumer applications.

Toyota utilises the technology in its automotive-grade Linux-powered infotainment systems by using Flutter’s Embedder API. By using the Embedder API, a Flutter app developer of Toyota can easily link Flutter apps with in-car systems.

Toyota has developed several internal tools that improve the ergonomics of a Flutter app developer by extending them to include Toyota’s design process. These tools are designed with help of the Dart’s language and the Flutter SDK software architecture.

Toyota can effectively generate code based on designs without laborious or perplexing intermediate tiers thanks to Flutter’s declarative UI and code as configuration methods.

Toyota’s success has been largely attributed to Flutter’s open-source tenets and rapidly expanding community of Flutter App Developer during the development of these Toyota-specific solutions.

Toyota agreed that the experience of a Flutter App Developer is their big selling point. The ability to hot-reload on the desktop and distribute to iOS and Android tablets has proven useful for both physical and virtual user testing, even though Toyota is deploying its apps on a single-target platform.

Toyota is excited to participate in the open-source Flutter community because they regard working with open-source software as a good investment in in-vehicle user experiences.


Flutter makes it possible to create some captivating, rapid user interfaces and a product development environment, which makes it ideal for creating amazing apps for the automobile sector. This is the reason why Automobiles Giants BMW & Toyota are Using Flutter for App Development. We strongly advise using this development platform for your upcoming automotive project because there is nothing else quite like it. Hence, if you are planning to develop your automobile app with Flutter, you need to contact a Mobile App Development Company which has the expertise of a skilled Flutter App Developer.


Which businesses use Flutter?

Numerous well-known companies, like, Toyota, My BMW App, ByteDance, eBay, Google Pay, Alibaba Group, and many more, use Flutter for app Development.

Does BMW employ Flutter?

One of the most well-known brands in the world is the BMW Group development team uses Flutter or Dart for in-vehicle app development. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and functions flawlessly on iOS and Android.

Has Flutter any hope of a future?

Yes, flutter is undoubtedly expanding rapidly. The major brands have been using this language for their projects due to its current popularity. Thus it has a high chance of ranking among the top technologies in the upcoming years.

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